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French-American Band Le Douze Bring Trippy Reggae on ‘Fruits Of My Life’

The debut single from the trio also comes with a shimmering live video

Anurag Tagat Aug 20, 2021

Drummer-vocalist David Boutherre, keyboardist Frédéric Scamps and guitarist/producer Maxime Lebidous from Le Douze. Photo: Courtesy of Junkfood PR

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Reggae-informed France/U.S. band Le Douze headed out to a cultural center called Les Franciscaines in the resort town of Deauville to shoot a live performance of their new song “Fruits Of My Life,” bringing together a groovy, earthen sound.

Comprising drummer and lead vocalist David Boutherre, keyboardist Frédéric Scamps and guitarist-producer Maxime Lebidous, they are joined by backing vocalist and keyboardist Jessica Rock, plus a bassist to deliver a steady, full-bodied sound amidst amber lighting, superimposed visuals and more. All of it lends to an atmospheric vibe that builds up to a shred solo from Lebidous and shimmering keyboard leads from Scamps.

Formed during the pandemic in mid-2020, Scamps, Boutherre and Lebidous created “Fruits Of My Life” as an introspective record. Boutherre says, “‘Fruits of My Life’ is the story of someone who’s been away from home for a very, very long time. Someone who comes back to their homeland to take care of the ones they love the most and to be taken care of by them as well.”

Scamps adds that the recording was undertaken in the west coast of France. “We would sing and then go out to the water, the apartment was just in front of the beach and the sea,” the keyboardist says. The tranquil side of the song is reflected precisely to this setting. Scamps says, “We thought about swimming with the dolphins, being back from Babylon after touring for a long time, like Roman soldiers 2000 years ago. We just wanted to stay here, to be with wine and family.”

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The song will also be accompanied by a lyric video and is part of an upcoming debut full-length album due later this year.

Watch the video for “Fruits Of My Life” below.

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