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French Band Success Return to India

The electro-rock band to play in four cities, kicking off with wine and music festival SulaFest this weekend; plan to collaborate with Indian musicians

Anurag Tagat Feb 07, 2016
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Success. Photo: Gaëlle Evellin

Success. Photo: Gaëlle Evellin

When Rennes-based electro-rock band Success landed in Mumbai for their debut tour in 2014, they realized their vocalist, James Eleganz, would get more second glances than the rest of them. Says percussionist-vocalist Jo Daventry, “He really looks like one of the Bollywood actors.”

The band, who started out in 2007, are best known for mixing electronica, rock and pop. Says Daventry, “From the very beginning of the project, the music [we aimed for] was to try and do a mix between Daft Punk and AC/DC.” Their second full-length album Love and Hate, which released in May last year, is darker than usual, according to Daventry. He doesn’t shy away from admitting that Love and Hate didn’t do as well as they wanted. They played fewer gigs in France and didn’t sell too many CDs. But what does work to their advantage ”“ something that has put them on stages across the world ”“ is their spirited, full-power live act. Daventry adds, “We still haven’t found a way to put on an album what we do on stage.”

Success’s biggest draw is that they sing in English, which is actually the popular language for music that comes from the north-west of France, owing to its proximity to England. While Daventry does say that bands that sing in French will always have more of a widespread reach in the country, they won’t be ones to complain since they have performed in about 30 countries.

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After performing at the Transmusicales in 2007 ”“ which was also one of their first gigs ”“ Success came to the attention of booking agents from Russia and China, and have since expanded their network to perform in Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal. Through their label Sakifo Records, who were based out of Reunion Island, the band landed a gig at Chennai music/media company IndiEarth’s annual conference, IndiEarth Xchange in 2014. Says Daventry, “We played a good gig and that’s where Naveen [Deshpande, Indian booking and artist/event management firm] from Mixtape saw us the first time and asked us if we’d like to come back again to tour.” The band played in seven cities in India November 2014, including South Asian Bands Festival in Delhi and the Vans New Wave Musicfest in Goa.

This time around, the band will promote Love and Hate and their 2012 album Social Media Junkies in five cities, kicking off at wine and music festival SulaFest in Nashik on February 7th. Following their tour, Daventry says a few members of the band plan to stay back in Mumbai and meet Indian musicians: “We’re looking forward to meet some musicians to make a few new sounds and the food as well. It’s a bit cliché but that’s what we want to do.”

Success Crazy India Tour 2016

February 7th ”“ SulaFest, Nashik

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February 10th ”“ The Humming Tree, Bengaluru

February 11th ”“ Hard Rock Café, Gurgaon

February 12th ”“ Euriska, Pune

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