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David Britto Aug 06, 2021

Scroll down to hear new music on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (from left) Ayushman Basu, Won Tribe, Nikhil Posé and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Iconiiicx (Won Tribe)

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Won Tribe – “Tyranny of Power”

Mumbai rap duo Won Tribe recently released a pulsating new offering titled “Tyranny of Power.” The song includes a slick beat produced by former Asian Dub Foundation vocalist Deedar Zaman and musician Oskar Vizan from the U.K. while artists Pratika and Krantinaari spit quick-fire lyrics about global issues in English and Hindi. The pair have also dropped a stirring video to go with the song.

Thomson Andrews – “Cut To The Chase”

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Thomson Andrews’ latest song is the romantic pop dance number “Cut To The Chase.” Andrews juxtaposes R&B, funk and soul while he sings about celebrating life. The track is also an ode to the musician’s wife as he covers topics such as togetherness, marriage, and finding one’s soul mate through his lyrics. There’s also a vibrant music video released too.

Fish in the Sink – “Rue”

Kochi/Chennai rock outfit Fish in the Sink recently dropped a crisp new tune called “Rue.” The song features a dynamic rhythm section, some stellar vocal melodies and an overall emotive feel. In a statement, the band said that the lyrical theme of the song “encapsulates the feeling of being weighed down by your insecurities.”

Nikhil Posé – “Lifafe”

In between lush piano parts and poignant acoustic guitar strums sits Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Nikhil Posé’s quaint vocals on his new song “Lifafe.” The delicate track also marks the first time the musician has released a Hindi number. In a statement, he said, “’Lifafe’ is a poetry describing how some shades of our old love remain with us through all the seasons even after we have parted ways. Even if we move on with our lives, we carry a part of yesterday with us.”

Zohran Miranda – “Heavy On Time”

Mumbai-based guitarist-vocalist closes Zohran Miranda closes his four-part release Quadrilogy with the hypnotic “Heavy On Time.” The dexterous song includes some groovy instrumentation whereas Miranda shows off his vocal range too. In a statement, the artist said, “I wrote this song well before the pandemic, but it seems quite apt for any other dark time in human history.” The track’s accompanying animated music video showcases a visual representation of Miranda’s thinking. He says, “There is a sense of escapism from this present moment that I had to encapsulate only by means of an animated video.”

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Old Highway – “Khatm Kaali Raatein”

Pune folk-rock outfit Old Highway showcase the first glimpse to their forthcoming album ZIIST in the shape of the groove-induced “Khatm Kaali Raatein.” The jumpy track includes bluesy guitar riffs, airy drumming as well as catchy vocals. In a statement, the band said, “The song talks about a celebration, longing for love with a twist of intimacy and an urge of being together.”

Bad$cene – CURFEW

Pune-based hip-hop artist Bad$cene recently dropped a new five-track EP titled CURFEW. While the artist’s lyrics include profanity, there is a slick flow to the tracks on the record. Sonically, the EP draws from R&B and pop elements. In a statement, the rapper said, “CURFEW came about after countless hours of trial and error and hard work. I’m not going to lie when I say music has made me a completely different person. It has helped me convert my thoughts and emotions into art that I can share with the rest of the world.”

Ayushman Basu – “Void”

Kolkata singer-songwriter Ayushman Basu’s latest track is the playful “Void.” With its breezy guitar and vocal work, one would think the song is a jovial one. However, Basu sings about tiredness, longing and a certain hollowness. He says, “Void is a musical representation of my life at the moment. On the exterior, we show a facade of happiness, that we have it sorted out. However, on the inside we feel a void, maybe because of a lack of validation, stagnation. It’s not all doom and gloom though as the song does leave you with a hope of moving forward and that we can choose to climb out of a rut and try to find ourselves.”

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Mister Miyagi – “Lonely”

Mumbai guitarist-bassist and vocalist Jeremy Samson aka Mister Miyagi’s debut single is the plush “Lonely.” Samson’s laidback vocals along with the polished production of the song make this quite the earworm. In a statement, the artist said, “It’s a song about heartbreak.” He added, “I wanted to have fun with this song, really it’s serious but at the same time it isn’t.”

Aastha Mehta – “Sunset”

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aastha Mehta’s newest single is the soothing “Sunset.” Mehta’s poignant vocals mixed in with the blissful instrumentation create a relaxing vibe. In a statement, she said, “I love sunsets, so comparing sunsets to the beautiful times or moments of life where you are feeling good about some important and not so important things and you feel like stopping that time and making it yours forever. Also, sunsets are a sign of hope, that no matter how rough your day is, it can end beautifully.”

Darcy and Soham – “Befizool” (feat. The Rish, Sahir, AAKASH)

Out with a retro video to go with their brand new collab, artists Darcy and Soham are joined by The Rish, Sahir, AAKASH for a shiny new song called “Befizool.” The song stands out for its pop melodies, elegant production and catchy vocal parts.

Rono – “Like a Love Song”

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Rono recently dropped a hauntingly beautiful new track called “Like a Love Song.” The artist’s rich vocals, lyrics and minimalist approach all sit perfectly together on this heart-warming ballad. The musician has also released a fantastic visual to go with the track.

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