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Fresh Indie Fridays #17

Hear new releases from independent acts

David Britto Aug 13, 2021

Scroll down to hear new music on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (from left) Rachel Singh, OAFF X Kayan, WARDEN and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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flux vortex – Dogmatic

New Delhi-based producer Aditya Kapoor aka flux vortex recently dropped a new three-track EP titled Dogmatic. Released via Mumbai label Noosphere Network, the record features a contemporary sound while also including rhythmically complex structures as well as uplifting sonic tones. The EP also features vocals from the capital’s Aditi Sharma as heavy beats and intense synths capture the essence of the music.

Arbaaz Sharif – “Something I Need To Hear”

Pune singer-songwriter Arbaaz Sharif’s debut offering is the upbeat “Something I Need To Hear.” The acoustic-leaning indie-pop track revolves around the experience of having a panic attack. Sonically, the track is centered around catchy melodies and punchy vocals.

Kevin Parallax, Ashwin Shriyan, Rahul Hariharan – “Perplexing Emotions”

Mumbai-bred and Los Angeles-based guitarist Kevin Parallax calls upon bassist Ashwin Shriyan (previously of Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection) and Mumbai metallers Bhayanak Maut’s drummer Rahul Hariharan for a scorching instrumental called “Perplexing Emotions.” The riff-heavy and pulsating new song showcases the best from each musician as they swerve through riveting dynamics, taking inspiration from djent artists while incorporating a lot of synth work.

WARDEN – “Good Love”

Mumbai pop act ONEmpire’s frontman Zarir Warden aka WARDEN is out with his first solo release of 2021 in the shape of the anthemic “Good Love.” The new track is fresh off the heels from the artist’s 2020 tracks “Fire,” “What If” and “What’s Going On?” Warden’s latest is a sonic shift from his previous material however he retains his songwriting sensibility. Talking about the song, the singer says, “The verses speak about desire, want and even desperation for someone out there that just seems ‘out of reach.’  The choruses on the other hand speak about closeness, intimacy and even intensity to a point.”

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Rachel Singh – “Owl’s Eye”

Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter Rachel Singh recently delivered a reflective and intimate new track called “Owl’s Eye.” Filled with lush instrumentation and Singh’s elegant vocals, the song talks about how music has the power to take one on a journey of “fears, doubts, joys and exploration.”

OAFF X Kayan – “So Good”

Mumbai-based producer Kabeer Kathpalia aka OAFF teams up with city-based singer-songwriter Ambika Nayak aka Kayan for a glossy new R&B single titled “So Good.” As OAFF lays down polished beats, Nayak fits in perfectly with her luxuriant vocals. Lyrically, “So Good” is a story about former lovers still addicted to one another. That story is also portrayed beautifully in the song’s accompanying music video.

Karun – Haalaat

New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Karun Kohli – who goes by his first name – recently dropped a five-track Hindi pop album entitled Haalaat. The record includes poetic lyrics while Karun showcases a range of dreamy and experimental soundscapes as well as a host of collaborators.

Cha’bi – “Hum Baithe Rahe Bas”

New Delhi outfit Cha’bi display a sense of vulnerability on their just-released melancholic single “Hum Baithe Rahe Bas” The folk-leaning track includes jangly acoustic guitar strumming, sonic embellishments, an emotive vocal performance, string arrangements as well as poignant lyrics. In a statement, vocalist Akshay Kapoor said, “I wrote this song in the midst of the pandemic. After spending weeks inside my room, looking at the world through my screen, night after night, it felt like I was paralyzed by the circumstances I was put in. The song then came to me one night, all in one go, as if it was already written.”

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Saksham Sehgal – “miss you the same”

Panipat-based singer-songwriter Saksham Sehgal offers up a breezy new acoustic pop song called “miss you the same.” While sonically the track includes upbeat guitar work and mellifluous vocal melodies, lyrically the song is about a heartbroken boy who misses his past lover but tries to see the situation in a positive light. In a statement, the artist said, “This song aims to bring hope and positivity to people who are lonely, lost or heartbroken.”

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