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Fresh Indie Fridays #21

Hear new releases from independent acts

David Britto Sep 10, 2021

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (clockwise from left) Sosin Naomi, Khwaab, Shanay Shah and Azu Hoyvoy. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Courtesy of Solid Pillow Records (Naomi); Courtesy of Milkman Records (Hoyvoy)

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Sosin Naomi – “Be OK”

On her polished debut single “Be OK” – out via New Delhi independent label Solid Pillow Records – Nagaland-based singer-songwriter Sosin Naomi showcases a sense of maturity with her songwriting while also delivering a stellar vocal performance. The track itself includes lush production and a pleasing rhythm as Naomi glides through effortlessly with her scintillating singing. In a statement, the artist said, “’Be OK’ is a song about holding on to yourself and also about embracing severe times with the manifestation of our hopes. I came up with this song during the pandemic of calming oneself that no matter what, it is going to be okay.”

Khwaab – “Parchayi” (feat. Raghav Meattle)

Mumbai-based artist Nishant Nagar’s collaboration with singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle on the poignant “Parchayi” has been given a striking visual by director Gaurav Gupta. The rustic clip showcases a queer love story in the most beautiful way. Nagar said in a statement, “When ‘Parchayi’ was conceived, the idea was different, but it always came from a place of absolute love. And that’s the beauty of love, it’s the purest emotion and it needs to be recognized and accepted.” Gupta added, “I wanted to shine a light on love stories that happen in the other India, after all love isn’t just for people in big cities.”

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Shanay Shah, Oswin Telis – “Gone So Long”

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Shanay Shah and guitarist Oswin Telis (from erstwhile Mumbai pop-rock band Strike Three) recently released a moody new track titled “Gone So Long.” The song features Telis’ feel-good playing while Shah sings passionately as a tight groove holds the song together before the track finishes off with a short solo by the guitarist. In a social media statement, Shah said, “Gone so long is about the emotion of separation and longing for someone.”

Azu Hoyvoy – Future Literature

Multifaceted Mumbai artist Azu Hoyvoy recently dropped a hard-hitting five-track electronic EP titled Future Literature via Milkman Records. According to the artist, Hoyvoy’s mesh of grooves, beats and sonic selections is a reflection of the chaos and beautify of his home city Mumbai. The record also includes a remixed version of the EP opener “Silent April” by city-based live electronic duo Drum Ani Bass.

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