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Fresh Indie Fridays #32

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto Dec 31, 2021

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (from left) Chai Lenin, Jade and Dhyani. Photos: @anaxalbums (Lenin); Courtesy of the artists

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Chai Lenin – “We Don’t Have Time”

Singaporean-Indo artist Chai Lenin’s latest vibrant single “We Don’t Have Time” has plenty to offer. The new song includes electronic elements, fusion instrumentation as well as Lenin’s elegant vocals that juxtapose her Western influences and her Indian Classical side. Talking about the fresh track, the artist said in a statement, “This song is about finding one’s inner voice in the midst of the chaos in the external world.”

Jade – “Tshirt from Every Lover”

Lucknow-based singer-songwriter Jade’s debut single “Tshirt from Every Lover” is the perfect mix of nostalgia, contemporary and catchy. The track leans towards country-rock as bright acoustic guitar chords, a mid-tempo beat and her unmistakeable twangy vocals sing: “Now I keep falling for every man that meets the eye/I have a T-shirt from every lover that’s all they leave behind.” In a statement, Jade said, “If I had to describe the song in a single word, it would be longing. Longing to be with someone, anyone.”

Dhyani – “’Knock On Your Door”

Ahmedabad-based singer-songwriter Dhyani’s newest single is the pop-rock offering “Knock On Your Door.” The song features an upbeat progression while Dhyani’s effervescent vocals sit brilliantly on a bed of resilient guitars, bass and drums. The song also includes a quirky bridge section as well as a tasty guitar solo. “Knock On Your Door” even comes with an accompanying music video that explores the concept of hindsight and wanting to help one’s past self out of a tough situation.

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