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Fresh Indie Fridays #33

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto Jan 07, 2022

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (from left) DeepBlue Seas, jeevana., Niतिka and noni-mouse. Photos: Joseph Fernandes (DeepBlue Seas); Courtesy of the artists

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DeepBlue Seas – Lost in Nirvana (Side A)

Mumbai-based artist Suvankar Mishra aka DeepBlue Seas’ latest four-track EP Lost in Nirvana (Side A) is seeped in grunge, rock and acoustic music. The record opens with “Friends With My Demons” and includes drone-sounding guitars as well as tight-knit solos while on “Blurry Traffic Lights” the artist mellows things down. Next, “Lost in Nirvana” features plenty of dynamics before we hear the EP closer “Lost And Gray” that showcases DeepBlue Seas’ pop sensibilities as both tracks also call upon the assistance of vocalist B-Leaf. Talking about the overall theme of Lost in Nirvana (Side A), Mishra said in a statement, “Letting go of problems or past trauma is never an easy journey. But when you finally address the situation and understand yourself and where you stand in the situation, it gets easier and it’s easier to let go.” He adds, “You’re not a prisoner of your past. That’s what I’ve learned from this whole experience of making Lost In Nirvana (Side-A).

jeevana., Niतिka – “tothesea”

Mumbai DJ/composer jeevana. recently collaborated with U.K.-based singer/songwriter Niतिka (pronounced Nitika) on the calming offering “tothesea.” The track features quaint production elements, relaxing beats, balmy vocals, with an overall tranquil and easy vibe. There’s also been a serene visualizer released with the song. The artists said in a statement, “The journey of this trail began with the idea of all grace and beauty, ‘tothesea,’ with an elegance of nature’s true beauty at its best. Bringing out every element captured by the idea of owning nature yet wanting to detach from the daily chaos of the world [and] this song perfectly gives life to all that we feel.”

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noni-mouse – “saviour”

Mumbai producer-singer Radhapriya Gupta aka noni-mouse has dropped the first single off her forthcoming EP Quasi in the shape of the electro-pop “saviour.” The track marks noni-mouse’s foray into dance and pop music, more of which is set to be heard on the upcoming record. The artist has also released a chic video – directed by Varun Pradhan – featuring Gia Singh Arora as the sole protagonist in the clip. In a statement, Gupta said, “Inspired by co-dependent relationships, the track carries the message, ‘I can only save myself, and no one else.’ While some might see it as selfishness, I see it as freedom. ‘I can’t be the one who saves you overtime’ or ‘I am not responsible for your happiness.’”

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