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Fresh Indie Fridays #35

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto Jan 21, 2022

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (from left) Xonarrate, Varun Agnihotri and sxnchay . Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Vishesh Anand (Agnihotri)

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Varun Agnihotri – “Lately Maybe”

Indore-bred and Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Varun Agnihotri dropped his sophomore single today in the shape of the delicate and wistful “Lately Maybe.” The song includes hauntingly beautiful finger-picked acoustic guitar parts that form the essence of the track as Agnihotri’s heartfelt lyrics and timber voice add to the charm. In a statement, the singer said that the track is an attempt to explore “sad hope.” He added, “The use of vulnerable lyrics and the attempt to seek some clarity amidst foggy thoughts and muddled feelings, is what makes the song relatable and honest.”

sxnchay – sxnchay

After releasing a slew of singles, New Delhi rapper Sanchay Wadhwa aka sxnchay is now out with his four-track eponymous debut EP. Through the record, the artist covers themes that include helplessness, monotonous routines, ego conflicts and more while sonically, the EP features of the cuff percussion parts, a range of keys spread throughout as well as sxnchay’s mature vocal delivery. In a statement, the rapper said, “I don’t care if my songs have flaws or imperfections, as long as they make you feel something.”

Xonarrate – “One Eyed King”

Two years since his last release, Mumbai rapper Ravi Khatri aka Xonarrate is back with a fiery new single titled “One Eyed King.” Xonarrate’s ability to juxtapose rock and hip-hop is second to none. The distorted guitars, groovy bassline and pulsating drums sit perfectly with the rapper’s hard-hitting and expressive bars.  The artist said in a statement, “The song is about the rise of right-wing politics and how the brainwashing around it has left people unable to think for themselves.” 

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