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Fresh Indie Fridays #37

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

Anurag Tagat Feb 04, 2022

Check out new music from Pezo Kronu and Reble, Barun Sinha and Jason Qiu, Sunflower Tape Machine, Piyush Bhisekar, Krantinaari, CZA and Mrc Andre, Shashaa Tirupati. (Clockwise from top left) Photos: Courtesy of Export Quality (Sunflower Tape Machine), Kartyk A and Aadithya S (Shashaa), Michael Kim (Qiu), Iconiiicx (Krantinaari), Brijesh Sunil (CZA, Mrc Andre)

Sunflower Tape Machine – “Internet Friends”

Chennai-based artist Sunflower Tape Machine aka Aryaman Singh follows up his breakthrough 2021 single “Sophomore Sweetheart” with an equally vibrant, reverb-heavy new tune called “Internet Friends.” Bathed in guitar riffs and a saxophone solo, the artist’s own wispy croon centers around the connection we share with people we’ve “met” on the Internet. “Rather than sounding like a track straight out of the Eighties, it combines sounds that invoke the same feeling with the sounds and technology of today,” Sunflower Tape Machine says in a statement about the song, released via label Export Quality Records.

Nyoferno – “Konfus” ft Jay Rana and Pradeept

There’s a little bit of jazz, funk, rock and more in Mumbai-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Nigel Fernandes aka Nyoferno’s new song “Konfus.” The instrumental track, featuring producer-guitarist Jay Rana and Pradeept digs into a delectable sense of groove. Fernandes says about the track, “’Konfus’ was created to provide a sense of freedom and to prove that any idea, simple or complex will not only express your innermost feelings but will also justify you as a person.”

Shashaa ft Keba – “I’m Sorry, Heart”

Evoking a strong sense of intimacy and vulnerability alike, singer-songwriter Shashaa Tirupati’s new song “I’m Sorry, Heart” –the title track off her upcoming EP–quietly and emotionally deals with a dilemma. Unsure of being pulled into a strong sense of attraction and catching feelings, Tirupati teams with guitarist-producer Keba Jeremiah (also on her previous single “In My Skin”) for an acoustic night-time confession. “A vulnerable voice feebly bargains and justifies this unsolicited predicament with what it can’t choose to hide itself from, that is, the heart,” the singer-composer says of the track.

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Pezo Kronu x Reble – “FLOVE”

If you’re wondering how to pronounce the latest collaboration between Shillong artists Pezo Kronu and Reble, it’s actually “F Love.” The existential, half-mournful hip-hop/pop song is led by vocal hooks from Kronu (frontman of indie rockers Street Stories), while Reble adds her spite for pretentious, fair-weather friends. It’s accompanied by a somber video that eventually closes on a somewhat scandalous note.

Anumita Nadesan – “Khwaab”

Hugely successful YouTuber as well as singer-songwriter, Anumita Nadesan previously made her mark on “Katputli Ke Dhaage,” the 2021 single released by singer-producer and The Yellow Diary’s Himonshu Parikh. Now, on her solo debut single “Khwaab” (out via Big Indie Bang), she strongly evokes her signature Carnatic-trained sensibilities over production by airy, nimble production by Parikh. “This song reflects on how life isn’t about the end goal but a story of your journey,” Nadesan says about the song.

Piyush Bhisekar – “Kya Karun?”

Previewing the first single off his upcoming album Marhum, singer-songwriter Piyush Bhisekar brings a tender sense of grief for a loved one on “Kya Karun?” Over a simple set of guitar melodies, Bhisekar pines in a manner that likely hits home to anyone dealing with loss. The artist says in a statement, “It can be interpreted as a heartbreak from a romantic relationship or as a loss of a friend/family person. It perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness and restlessness which you feel when there’s this huge void in your chest when someone leaves without any reason. I hope this song helps you seek comfort in your sadness and ease the healing process.”

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CZA, Mrc Andre – “All I See”

Bengaluru-based producer CZA aka Krishna Vijay teams up with singer-songwriter Marc Andre aka Mrc Andre for a fiery electro-R&B single called “All I See.” Weaving together powerful R&B and soul vocals, chasmic electronic production and wistful guitars, the song is also punctuated by a cinematic string hit, adding to the grandiosity.

Krantinaari – “Indradhanush”

Mumbai hip-hop artist Krantinaari aka Ashwini Hiremath turns to her native language Kannada for her latest single “Indradhanush,” produced by Scandinavian artists Max I Million and J.Vibes. Singer Shilpa Ghulane leads the Hindi chorus and Krantinaari herself switches to Hindi to carry forward a story about humanity and freedom from judgment. “The story speaks of the depiction of the whole relationship between nature and the subconscious, while attempting to paint a picture in the listener’s mind,” the song’s description states.

Barun Sinha and Jason Qiu – “The Autumn Song/秋詠”

U.S.-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Barun Sinha (bassist with rock band SkyEyes) teams up with Vancouver-born singer-songwriter Jason Qiu for a dreamy electronic-pop single called “The Autumn Song/秋詠.” While the artists first connected via community platform Reddit, the song came together with lyrics in Chinese, capturing the emotions around “loving too much and trying to let go of wounds,” as they put it.