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Fresh Indie Fridays #39

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto Feb 18, 2022

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (clockwise from top left) Maqta, Shreea Kaul, Purple Patch, Shourya Malhotra and Varun Rajput, BLAKED and Trish. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Kaladon (Purple Patch); Ishita Singh (Malhotra); Aaron Steve Pereira (BLAKED)

BLAKED – “Shining Light”

On his sublime pop-rock debut single “Shining Light,” Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Blake D’Silva aka BLAKED has enlisted some of the scene’s heavy guns on the track. The song features a refreshing production touch from musician Siddharth Basrur, scintillating guitar parts courtesy of Adil Manuel as well as smashing keys and drums by Brent Tauro and Atish Thomas respectively. On his part, D’Silva — once of blues rockers The Tripp and also an established videographer and photographer delivers slick lyricism, infectious melodies as well as an enchanting vocal performance. In a statement, D’Silva said, “I won’t go into too much detail, but if I had to give you a hint, it would be that ‘Shining Light’ isn’t a love song.” For a first offering, this one slaps and makes us eager to want to hear more BLAKED tunes.

Shourya Malhotra, Varun Rajput – “For Lost Memories”

New Delhi singer-songwriter Shourya Malhotra has collaborated with musician Varun Rajput (of rockers Antariksh) on the delicate acoustic single “For Lost Memories.” The song features lush guitar plucking, ambient sounds, vulnerable and hauntingly beautiful vocal arrangements and harmonies. In a statement, Malhotra said, “’For Lost Memories’ is a narration of healing through the grief of unrequited love. The song talks about the acceptance of truth and the realization that even though love manifests itself differently in people, it stays with them in unique ways, forever.”

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Maqta – “Thaame Humein”

Frontman for Mumbai alt-rockers Unohu, Sarthak Karkare, has been moonlighting as his solo avatar Maqta since 2020. Karkare’s latest release as Maqta comes in the shape of the melancholic “Thaame Humein.” The song features a somber electric guitar plucking pattern that is the foundation of the track. Textural soundscapes enter as the song evolves while a graceful drum groove is heard towards the end of the track. Karkare’s vocals however steal the show with his impeccable control and dynamism. In a statement, the artist said, “’Thaame Humein’ is a song about love and loss, but not the kind that fixates on either, because each feeling prepares you for the other. It is an ode to the passage of time and the many waves in which it moves through the heart.”

Shreea Kaul – “Ol’ Dude”

Indo-American R&B artist Shreea Kaul’s newest single is the dancey bop “Ol’ Dude.” The track comes wrapped in a bouncy beat, indulgent production, Kaul’s seamless transition from English to Hindi lyrics as well as a line in the song which is a nod to American singer Fergie’s track “Glamourous.” In a statement, Kaul said, “’Ol’ Dude’ is an R&B/hyperpop anthem that’s in a similar vein conceptually as (the previously released) ‘Ladke.’ I wanted to create a fun, feel-good song outside of my comfort zone.”

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Trish – “Energy”

Mumbai/Sydney singer-songwriter Trish draws from R&B and pop music for her fresh introspective single, “Energy.” While the song has been given a fascinating production touch, it is Trish’s elegant and strong vocal performance that stands out. As the artist weaves together mellifluous and catchy melodies across the track, she said in a statement, “This song is my way of celebrating those little moments of light and warmth we share with the people we inevitably fall in love with.”

Purple Patch – “Stranger In My Bed”

Pune rockers Purple Patch are back with a brand-new fizzy track called “Stranger In My Bed.” The song is complete with distorted guitars, a tight bass groove as well as crushing drums while vocalist Darryl Paul is at his gritty best. The band has also put together a music video that shows them performing the track which even features U.K. model/actress Kadeybabey.