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Fresh Indie Fridays #45

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto Apr 29, 2022

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (from left) Utsavi Jha, David De Menezes and Shai. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Vatsal Shah/Sushant Kulshrestha (Jha)

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Shai – “Jaane Doon”

Mumbai-bred Shayaan Oshidar aka Shai’s newest single is the pop track “Jaane Doon.” The song features lush production work, plenty of melodic intricacies, Shai’s blissful vocals and harmonies as well as plenty of emotion. Through her sound, Shai intends to become a crossover artist between India and the U.K. and aims to bridge the gap between the two countries. With influences ranging from artists such as Arijit Singh to Rosalía to Lauv, Shai said in a statement, “I’ve always loved different cultures and different languages and this is my chance to show how close we are even when things seem so different on the surface.” A music video for “Jaane Doon” – directed by Keenan Pereira – is also out and it showcases Shai performing the song in her best element.

Click here to listen to “Jaane Doon” on other platforms.

David De Menezes – The Second Wave

On his eight-track debut album, The Second Wave, Mumbai artist David De Menezes offers a journey of self-exploration and acceptance. The record includes an alternative-indie sound with bits of pop and experimental soundscapes too. Lyrically, Menezes sings about death, heartache and yearning. The musician said in a statement, “This album came out of some dark times. It signifies a big step for me personally to accept myself and have the self-confidence to call myself an artist and take myself seriously, which is something I see a lot of my friends struggle with.” He added, “I really enjoyed the process of recording and mixing these songs at home and at True School of Music, where I am currently studying sound engineering.” The Second Wave has been mastered by Mumbai-based sound engineer and producer Ayan De

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Click here to listen to ‘The Second Wave’ on other platforms.

Utsavi Jha – “Saanjh”

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Utsavi Jha’s latest offering is the melancholic and calming song “Saanjh.” It features Jha’s textured vocals and also includes quaint instrumentation and a relaxed production touch, making it quite the earworm with effervescent keys, delicate percussion work, a slick guitar solo and more. In a statement, Jha said, “‘Saanjh’ is a romantic ballad about finding love in the mundane. ‘Saanjh’ or evening is a very beautiful, romantic time of the day.” She added, “When we are with the right person, we want to come back home to that special someone at the end of each day despite the daily routine. We manage to find love even in the little things with them and that’s what true, exciting love really is!”

Click here to listen to “Saanjh” on other platforms. 

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