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Fresh Indie Fridays #47

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto May 20, 2022

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (from top left) Saahil Bhargava, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Aman Sagar and Full Power, Ananya Sharma, Manikaant Suryan, Backclash, Aarya and SHMAR, pruthvi and Girls On Canvas. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Jonathan Peter (Suryan); Siddharth Lalchandani (Girls On Canvas)

Girls On Canvas – Frequency

Mumbai-based ace guitarist and producer Randolph Correia aka Func (from electro-rockers Pentagram and pop electronic duo Shaa’ir and Func) recently dropped fresh new music under his vocals-oriented electronic moniker Girls On Canvas, in the shape of the project’s third album, the 10-track Frequency. Correia as always seems to find the right balance between tethering close to the edge with his music, yet not going overboard and knowing exactly when to pull back as displayed marvelously on Frequency. The record includes some tasty production work, guitar lines and plenty of grooves to get you dancing while the artist tinkers well with vocal samples that invigorate the music.

Ananya Sharma, Sanjay Divecha – “Who I Love”

On her latest single, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Ananya Sharma calls upon none other than seasoned guitarist Sanjay Divecha to feature on her touching song, “Who I Love.” Sharma’s mature lyricism and clever melodies, coupled with Divecha’s exquisite playing and dynamics as well as a sublime solo, make it quite an interesting listen, as do the percussion and keyboard work in the background. In a statement, Sharma said, “’Who I Love’ narrates the evolution of my relationship with romantic love. It’s a song that encapsulates the journey of someone searching for ‘true’ love, with all its ups and downs; phases of chasing romantic love, idealizing love, misusing love, accepting love and finally finding the truest form of love in yourself.”

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Aman Sagar, Full Power – “UDDCHALEIN”

New Delhi singer-songwriter Sanjeeta Bhattacharya and guitarist-vocalist Aman Sagar join forces with hip-hop duo Full Power for a dreamy pop-meets-rap offering called “UDDCHALEIN.” The bilingual song showcases each artist’s strengths, from Bhattacharya and Sagar’s mellifluous harmonies to Full Power’s fiery verses. In a statement, the artists said, “As the name suggests, ‘UDDCHALEIN’ speaks of freedom. Of being confident in your independence, learning from your lows and getting right back up, living your best life and accentuating the belief that ‘nothing is impossible.’ It’s an ode to every dream that’s waiting to be realized.”

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Manikaant Suryan – “Kahan Hai Kal”

New Delhi singer-songwriter Manikaant Suryan’s sobering debut single “Kahan Hai Kal” captures his raspy vocals quite well as it sits upon a bed of hauntingly beautiful plucked-guitar parts as well as an airy drum groove and embellished sonic elements. In a statement, the artist said, “This song aims at rejuvenating our relationship with our own self. It is mostly questions I meant to ask myself at a point in my life where I struggled to point out where my heart lay.” He added, “”We often get lost in our past, or get caught up worrying endlessly about our future. ‘Kahan Hai Kal’ serves as a reminder to come back to the present moment. A wake-up call for someone who may have lost touch with their inner self, the song explores how the world influences us in its crooked ways and how important it is to strive to know who we really are underneath all its distractions.”

Aarya, Backclash, SHMAR – “My Pride”

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aarya and producers Backclash and SHMAR have just released a poignant acoustic ballad titled “My Pride.” The track includes delicate guitar work and dreamy pop elements, as well as ambient soundscapes that lift the song. Aarya’s shimmering vocals stand out while Backclash and SHMAR add the perfect production touch to the song. In a statement, the artists said, “The track is about a conversation between a mother and her son, where the mother is consoling the child after her separation from the child’s father.”

pruthvi – songs about you (not for you)

Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter pruthvi showcases stellar songwriting, crisp vocals and stunning melodies across her six-track debut EP songs about you (not for you). Although the tracks do have a melancholic feel to them, there’s plenty more pruthvi offers on the EP – from R&B, soul, jazz and more – and is even joined by fellow artist Mister Miyagi on a duet for the opening track “girl next door.” In a statement, pruthvi said, “The concept of this EP came to me as I was going through my first heartbreak. I’m not the best at expressing how I feel, so, while writing these songs, I had to put myself in the most vulnerable spaces that I have ever been in. I hope these songs are something people can relate to and find comfort in. None of the songs written on this EP is about one person, and to me it feels like a warm hug.”

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Saahil Bhargava – “Ascent”

Indo-American rock artist Saahil Bhargava comes out all guns blazing with his newest offering, the jumpy “Ascent.” The track includes crafty instrumentation, plenty of distortion, kick-ass drum parts, Bhargava’s high octane vocals and loads of grit. In a statement, the artist said, “It’s something that can be very relatable to gamers who play online team games like Fortnite, Valorant, PUBG or even Pokemon Unite. While the first player is being cautious and making sure the team is staying together with a plan, the second player just rushes out and starts attacking, getting himself killed and screwing over his partner in the process. A pretty common scenario, like losing your jungler in a MOBA and then the support players have to start attacking because they have no choice. This song explores that relationship through the lens of a famous Greek myth, and from the perspective of the other character – usually it is from Icarus’ perspective, or neutral.”


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