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Fresh Indie Fridays #51

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto Jun 17, 2022

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (clockwise from top left) Sidharth Bendi, Ash Lune, Frizzell D'Souza and Pratik Tushar, Shashwat Bulusu and Doctor Lincoln. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; 9th Ray Studios - Hyderabad (Bendi); Friends Republic (Bulusu)

Ash Lune – Broken Science Experiments

Mumbai-bred and Brisbane-based artist Ash Lune has just released her poignant five-track debut EP, Broken Science Experiments. The record includes balmy soundscapes, mature songwriting, emotive and waltz arrangements, as well as Lune’s shimmering vocals. In a social media statement, the artist said, “I put this dream off for so long because I feared that people may think that I’m a terrible singer and I can’t write a decent melody. But it was also the fear of spending my life without even trying, that got me here. A wise man once told me to write. Just write. Even if it sucks. Just write. Some time, someday, you will come up with something you’re proud of. It’s statistically impossible that you won’t.”

Shashwat Bulusu – Aabad

Baroda singer-songwriter Shashwat Bulusu dropped his new double-side record Aabad today. The two tracks, “Aabad” and “Charkha,” mark Bulusu’s first Hindi releases. Both fall into the acoustic space, are slow-paced and act as a call and response, with the artist singing blissfully throughout. In a statement, Bulusu said, “‘Aabad’ and ‘Charkha’ are two songs written, recorded, then rewritten and re-recorded over a few months. This process became quite ritualistic  – while ‘Aabad’ was the song being made at night right before sleep, ‘Charkha’ was the song being written first thing in the morning, both in my head. ‘Aabad’ reflects unfettered hope for better days to come. ‘Charkha’ responds to this hope and argues for unfettered perseverance to get to the better days almost like a horse with blinds on.”

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Sidharth Bendi – “June”

Hyderabad singer-songwriter Sidharth Bendi’s tender track “June” showcases that sometimes simple is the way to go. The track holds its own with acoustic guitar, ambient sounds and Bendi’s tugging-at-the-heartstrings vocals. In a statement, he said, “‘June’ is an emotional tale about running out of time to spend with a special person, reminiscing about the time that went by but also accepting the end of our time spent together.”

Pratik Tushar, Frizzell D’Souza – “Ill at Ease”

Bengaluru-based guitarist/songwriter Pratik Tushar and Mangaluru/Bengaluru singer-songwriter Frizzell D’Souza team up on the bluesy-pop offering “Ill at Ease.” The song features Tushar’s slick fretwork with riffs and solos, while D’Souza’s moody vocals go well with the vibe and groove. In a statement, Tushar said, “The song is about anxiety and how a person suddenly finds themselves in a situation of overthinking and nervousness. The narrative is about two people, one who’s new to the condition of anxiety issues while the second person is comforting the other.”

Doctor Lincoln – “Break the Ice”

Kerala-based musician Lincoln Joseph aka Doctor Lincoln’s latest single comes in the form of the acoustic-rock track, “Break the Ice.” The song includes uptempo guitar strumming, a bouncy drum groove, a sizzling sax solo, catchy vocal melodies and more. The track is set to feature on the musician’s forthcoming sophomore album Will See You Now. In a statement, the artist said, “[The song] explores overcoming ghosting from sore friendships that actually mean a lot.”

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