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Fresh Indie Fridays

Hear new releases from independent acts

David Britto May 21, 2021

Scroll down to hear new music on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists.

Rishi Bradoo – “Losing”

While Mumbai-bred musician Rishi Bradoo has worked behind the scenes as a producer and engineer for other artists over the last couple of years, he’s finally taken the plunge to get back to his own music since his alt-rock band BLEK’s 2017 EP Break The Beat. Bradoo’s first solo release is his trippy electro-rock offering “Losing.” The song includes the singer’s staple airy vocal delivery while drowning synths, a pacey groove and tight guitars and bass parts carry the track. In a social media statement, Bradoo explains that the song was originally written in 2014. He added, “’Losing’ is a song about getting up when we get knocked down. It’s about finding the strength to keep that chin up and get off the floor when we hit rock bottom.”

Pratika x PrabhuNeigh – “Survival”

Mumbai-based siblings; vocalist/rapper Pratika (MC PEP) and producer Pritesh Prabhune aka PrabhuNeigh dropped a brand-new banging single today titled “Survival.” As the lyrics deal with introspection as well as the duality of one’s existence, the Prabhunes combine their rock and hip-hop influences to create a smashing and angsty offering. The pair have also released a performance video that sees Pratika spitting the lyrics while PrabhuNeigh rocks out behind a drum kit over a combination of blue and red hues.

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MADM – “Cheesecake”

Chennai-bred singer-producer Sanjana Rajnarayan aka MADM ties in her heavy South Indian influence with dreamy soundscapes and a dark vocal melody as well as saccharine elements on her latest playful single “Cheesecake.” According to the artist, the track is about “the constant need to chase something in order to escape your surroundings for the rush of pursuit.” The artist’s imaginative music video sees her strolling around with a giant teddy bear, hanging out with kids in a park and also sharing a moment with a streetside ice-cream vendor.  

General Zooz feat. Sanyas-I, Lady Skavya and Sukanya – “I’m Gonna Be Okay (Remix)”

New Delhi outfit Reggae Rajahs’ MC/producer General Zooz recently put together a remix of his optimistic song “I’m Gonna Be Okay.” The reggae artist enlisted singer Sukanya, Hyderabad vocalist Lady Skavya and MC Sanyas-I to jump in on the remix. The track features fresh verses from General Zooz’s collaborators but retains its uplifting vibe. In a statement, General Zooz said, “This was truly a pan Indian collaboration, with the singers representing Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Goa and the artwork made in Mumbai. Through this display of unity, we hope that we can do our bit to keep spirits up and fill people with positivity during the crisis that is unfolding in our country.”

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Suhaas Kumar feat. Karan Khurana, JonHammond & Faris Khan – “Vestigial”

18-year-old Jaipur guitarist Suhaas Kumar has put together a stunning metal collaboration with musicians from across the globe for his newest fiery single “Vestigial.” The heavy prog metal offering includes Kumar’s production, bass and scintillating guitar sensibilities whereas Prague-based lyricist/violinist Karan Veer Khurana, Canada-based vocalist JonHammond and Mumbai singer Faris Khan help him to belt out the track. The song features thumping drums, soaring vocals, growls and ambient transitions as well as incredible riffage. Speaking about the track, Kumar says, “It based on a story of a boy suffering from anxiety and depression for the first time, the exaggeration in his head is just making it more impactful.” He adds, “But when he realizes that it’s something that he has to get out of, is when the struggle begins and it’s just an epic battle for survival.”

Vedant Joshi – “Aftertaste”

Mumbai-bred and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Vedant Joshi first popped up on our radar in 2017 as part of our Artists Under 25 feature. Now, Joshi is out with his debut single, the moody “Aftertaste.” The track features poignant keyboard parts, a dark pop production as well as Joshi’s dreamy vocals.


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