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Fresh Indie Fridays #61 

Listen to the latest releases from independent acts

David Britto Oct 14, 2022

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays by indie artists (clockwise from top left) Disha Reddy, Anoushka Maskey, Raghav Meattle and Hanita Bhambri and Shal Antal. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

Shal Antal – “Mood? Better Than Yesterday” 

Mumbai-bred artist Shal Antal addresses her struggles with anxiety on her latest dark-pop single “Mood? Better Than Yesterday.” The singer co-produced the song with Mumbai alt-rockers Spud In The Box’s guitarist Siddharth Talwar and the pair juxtapose uplifting sonic arrangements that sit well with the track’s poignant lyrics. Antal’s vocal delivery particularly stands out on the track as she brings forth interesting melodic cadences and motifs. In a statement, she said, “This song was based on two consecutive diary entries over the span of two days. I was suffering from an immense amount of anxiety and needed some relief from this turmoil. I realized that my therapy along with this practice was going to ultimately heal me. That’s when I began writing in a journal of mine.”  

Disha Reddy – “Rudy” 

16-year-old Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Disha Reddy recently released her country-leaning debut single “Rudy.” The track incorporates vibrant acoustic guitar work and fresh keyboard parts while the drums and bass hold the groove well and add to the dynamics of the song, with violin and banjo sections also helping to elevate the song. Reddy’s fresh vocals and songwriting, however, are the icing on the cake as she takes you on a beautiful journey with her storytelling. She worked on the song with guitarist-producer Varun Murali (of Bengaluru folk-rock band Swarathma) at the city-based studio called The Red Music Box and counts singer-songwriter and music educator Bindu Subramaniam as her mentor, who guided her through the process of putting the track together. In a statement, Reddy said, “’Rudy’ is about a little curly-haired boy who hides from the world around him. An artist, afraid of showing his genuine emotions through his paintings. Rudy Wilder slowly finds the courage and opens up to the most naked expression of emotion, love. Discovering that it is in fact, ok, to be vulnerable.” 

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Anoushka Maskey – “So Long, Already. Again.” 

Over the last two years, Mumbai/Sikkim singer-songwriter Anoushka Maskey has been churning out music consistently. The musician’s latest offering – produced by Pranay Bakshi aka Cosmic Grooves – comes wrapped neatly in a soulful and dreamy offering called “So Long, Already. Again.” The track features melodic guitar lines throughout while lush production touches keep it engaging as Maskey’s honeyed vocals add to the treat that is “So Long, Already. Again.” In a statement, Maskey said, “’So Long’ has been a long time coming. I’m thrilled to share with my listeners and viewers a peek into Pranay and my relationship and how we lived through the tribulations of a long-distance relationship. I believe some of my listeners will be able to relate, and I can’t wait to read, hear people’s own interpretations of the song.”  

Raghav Meattle, Hanita Bhambri, Ashish Zachariah – “Woh Saat Din” 

New Delhi-bred and Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle ventures into Hindi territory for the first time on his latest calming single “Woh Saat Din.” Meattle also teamed up with fellow singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri on the track, which Ashish Zachariah helmed production duties for. The song includes a soothing keyboard vamp as well as strings, a plucked ukulele and other sonic embellishments. Bhambri’s lush vocals alongside Meattle’s timber voice when harmonized together are a treat for the ears. In a statement, Meattle said, “Lyrically, the track is a back-and-forth between two lovers vying for each other, yet circumstances don’t allow them to be together.” 

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