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GAHO Returns With An Anthemic Single ‘Right Now’

The South Korean singer-songwriter and producer’s first full-length album ‘Fireworks’ explores the emotions one experiences during their youth

Divyansha Dongre Nov 23, 2021
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On a mission to find a ray of hope amidst a thick mist of despair, South Korean soloist GAHO returns to the spotlight with a poignant single “Right Now.”

Leading the vocalist’s first full-length album Fireworks, “Right Now” firmly roots its focus on separating hope and hopelessness. Co-written by GAHO, alongside Jisang and Ownr, the track gives listeners a sense of GAHO’s songwriting capabilities as an earnest and emphatic artist, who isn’t afraid to be the voice of today’s generation. GAHO puts a positive spin on a grim state of mind, providing a jolt of motivation to those wanting to embrace happiness; “I’m exhausted and tired/ A ray of hope/ Just been chasing it/ Where to go now/ I’ll go for it. Until the end of my life.”

Over the years, GAHO has trained his vocals in a way that it matches the emotional quotient of the track. This has played to the young vocalists’ advantage-especially with “Right Now”, where deliberate elongation of notes and vocal modulation helps listeners feel the intensity. The quintessential pop-rock ensemble, with the prominent echo of a pulsating synth sound playing in the background, brews an urgency to take action in the minds of the listeners. The composition amps up during the instrumental bridge, cueing an almost orchestral-like melody—one you’d expect to start playing when the protagonist fulfills their character arc in a coming-of-age film.

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“Right Now” roots its cinematography in monochromatic frames, with GAHO running along the beachside. The dramatics are further heightened with the insertion of rainfall and rapid montages to match the energetic rhythm. 

Fireworks, the singer-songwriter’s first full-length album, explores the various emotional stages one experiences during their youth. Taking emotions such as worry, hope, love and happiness and giving them a classic GAHO spin, the 12-track project forays the artist into a creatively intensive space—a step ahead from his established image as the King of Korean OSTs. 

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