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Gandu Circus And The Jass B’stards Open For Electro Producer Psychorigid In Mumbai

Vocalist Suman Sridhar to jam with Delhi group The Jass B’stards

Rolling Stone India Dec 12, 2013
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jass b'stards

The Jass B’stards

The weekend dance party has arrived early this week with French dance music producer Psychorigid in town tonight. While Psychorigid aka Dominique René Paul Iva brings dub and “a little bit of breakcore” from Reunion Island, Delhi group The Jass B’stards and Gandu Circus from Kolkata plans to shake things up a bit ahead of his set.

Stefan Kaye, who fronts The Jass B’stards, is known to be wickedly unpredictable, and it is this spontaneity that lends an element of sheer fun or what Kaye calls an “approximation of something barely listenable” to all his gigs. Vocalist Suman Sridhar of Sridhar/Thayil, who knows Kaye’s tricks too well, will join his three-member experimental band.

Punk Bangla rap group Gandu Circus from Kolkata, also known for their feisty, high energy sets, will perfectly complement the Delhi group. Adds Gandu Circus frontman Quashiq ”˜Q’ Mukherjee, “You can expect funkypunk, or punkyfunk, or some such strange beast that will howl, and might bite.” 

Gandu Circus was formed in 2012 after their release of frontman Qaushik Mukherjee aka Q’s critically-acclaimed film Gandu in 2010 and showcases heavy electronic grooves and projections from the film at their gigs. The group  just returned after two back-to-back tours in NYC and Norway where they were joined by Norwegian indie rock group Eye Emma Jedi on all their three shows.“By the end of the tour, Eye Emma Jedi [who toured with us] were loudly proclaiming themselves as gandus,” says Q. Gandu Circus plan on finishing their new album Urination early next year.

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Both The Jass B’stards and Gandu Circus are in Mumbai for Johnnie Walker’s The Journey featuring The Alan Parsons Project which will be held on December 14th at Mehboob Studios and jumped on the bandwagon for the gig at D’Bell tonight.

Catch Gandu Circus, The Jass B’stards and Psychogrid at D’Bell, Mumbai tonight. Entry: Rs 200.

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