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Ganesh Talkies Pick Their Favorites From the RS Polls

Check out what the Kolkata band have to say about their Top 5 picks of the 25 greatest Indian rock songs from the past 25 years

Rolling Stone India Nov 28, 2014
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Ganesh Talkies. Photo: Shankar Sarkar

Ganesh Talkies. Photo: Shankar Sarkar

Kolkata-based, kitschy pop rock band Ganesh pick their favorites from our list of 25 Greatest Indian Rock Songs of the Last 25 Years.


1. We Are, We Are (Maby Baking, 2009) ”“ The Supersonics
Maby Baking changed our lives somehow. These guys from Kolkata have been the torchbearers of the indie scene in the city. Hence.

The Supersonics. Photo: Shiv Ahuja

The Supersonics. Photo: Shiv Ahuja

2.Nada Nada (Avial, 2008) ”“ Avial
None of us know what the lyrics to this song are and we still sing along every time we hear the chorus.

3.PSP (Hook, 2002) ”“ Zero
This is our all-time, absolute favorite “rock song” by an Indian band. We heard this before we started playing music and Zero is one of our biggest inspirations.

4.Drive (Up, 2002) ”“ Pentagram
There are Indian rock bands and then there’s Pentagram. What a song!

5.Pretty Child (The Second Coming, 1990) ”“ Indus Creed
All of us were kids when we first heard this song and watched the beautiful video on television. Still gives goosebumps.

The poll, is the first in a series which reaches out to critics, readers and industry experts, closes on December 15th.

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