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Gang Gang Dance

Eye Contact

Jonah Weiner May 31, 2011

Hard techno stabs, soft-rock piano, polyrhythmic dance-floor clatter, steel-drum solos, New Age-y samples of burbling water: In Gang Gang Dance’s search for bliss, all kinds of unlikely musical bedfellows hop into the sack. These New York avant-gardists emerged from the same early-2000s noise stew as Animal Collective, and like that band, they’ve moved gradually from hallucinogenic freakouts to tighter song form. Singer Lizzi Bougatsos weaves riddles of devotion (”˜Adult Goth’) and recites nursery rhymes with demonic glee (”˜MindKilla’). The music’s hard to classify, but one word might sum it up: ecstatic.

Key Tracks: ”˜Adult Goth,’ ”˜MindKilla’

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