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Watch Bengaluru-Based Rock Band Gauley Bhai’s Stop-Motion Video for ‘Simrayo’

The track is taken from their 2019 debut album ‘JORO’

Anurag Tagat Aug 05, 2020

A still from the music video for Gauley Bhai's 'Simrayo.'

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Taking inspiration from a wild shrub that grows in Kalimpong, Bengaluru-based band Gauley Bhai’s new music video for the delectably groovy song “Simrayo” employs stop-motion storytelling.

Although the track is shortened by a minute from its original length of seven-and-a-half minutes on Gauley Bhai’s stand-out 2019 debut album JORO, “Simrayo” fits perfectly for filmmaker Ekta Mittal (co-founder of media and arts collective maraa) and animation artist Sharanya Ramesh. Through the course of the song, we see a miniature town of sorts, right down to intricate details of lanes, vehicles and homes.

The two protagonists of the video are portrayed in the form of miniature stilettos, handcrafted by artist Amarjit Khalsa. Matching Afro-funk guitar lines of Siddhant Chettri, jumpy drum work from Joe Panicker, fist-tight basslines from Anudwatt Dhakal and searing violin leads and vocals from Veecheet Dhakal, the visuals tell an unrestricted story of love.

A statement from the band notes, “There are two free souls, living in their own worlds, guided by free will and love. It is a provocation to the world that is afraid to let lovers be. In a society, where fear and anxiety surrounds us, we censor ourselves and don’t let our impulses flow. In this video, the lovers can’t be stopped, they dare to run while the mob can only witness them. There are some things beyond society’s control. The song encourages the chase with relentless passion and rage.”

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Watch the video for “Simrayo” below. 

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