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Gig Preview: A Mutual Question, Killer Fan and Doctor Zebra at Bomb Thursdays

The fortnightly gig series returns this week after a break of two months, featuring post rock band A Mutual Question, punk rock band Doctor Zebra and electro rock band Killer Fan

Rolling Stone India Apr 24, 2014
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It’s been a little over a year since fortnightly gig series Bomb Thursdays was launched by independent label and gig organizers Ennui.BOMB. Back in January, they hosted a metal edition of Bomb Thurdays at Kino 108, featuring death grind band Gutslit and groove metallers Asylum, among others. Since then, Ennui.BOMB have been trying their luck with other venues in Mumbai to host their fortnightly gig series. This week, Bomb Thursdays moves to 3 Wise Monkeys in Khar. Says Ennui.BOMB co-founder Rishu Singh, “Most of the gigs that have happened at 3 Wise Monkeys haven’t had the full live sound set up, so that’s what we want to check out.” For now, Singh says Bomb Thursdays will be tested as a monthly gig series at the new venue. Pune post rock band A Mutual Question, Pune punk rock band Doctor Zebra and Mumbai electro-alternative band Killer Fan will perform at this week’s Bomb Thursdays. Here’s what to expect:


Pune punk rock band Doctor Zebra

Pune punk rock band Doctor Zebra

Doctor Zebra

Set: The Pune punk rock band will perform at least 14 songs, which were written by frontman Jay Kinra over the last two months. Eight of those songs are currently being recorded at Gray Spark studio.

Watch out for: Some catchy punk tunes about surfing, skateboarding and life, led by an acoustic guitar-bass-drum setup. Doctor Zebra are playing their third gig ever since they formed in November last year and their first in Mumbai. Says Kinra, “We play pretty upbeat punk stuff.”

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Spin This: “Surfer Girl,” which is a straight-up pop punk track about the kind of girl who likes to surf. Says Kinra about whether Indians will relate to their songs, “I grew up in the U.S and it [surfing] were a big part of my life, so that’s what I sing about. There’s a lot of surf culture coming up in India now.”


Itek Bhutani from Killer Fan.

Itek Bhutani from Killer Fan.

Killer Fan

Set: The Mumbai electro-alternative band are, like Doctor Zebra, also fairly new on the gigging circuit. At their fourth gig ever since the project was started by guitarist/composer Itek Bhutani in 2011 and performed live in January this year, Killer Fan’s set will comprise material from their debut full-length album, Hello Sin Nation. Bhutani mentions that the band is working on new material, including a twisted electro rock song called “Fuck Your Art!” but are yet to complete writing it before testing it live.

Watch out for: Much better stage presence. Known to perform with their heads deep in synth, live samples and guitars, Killer Fan have never spoken a word whilst on stage, sticking just to performing their songs. Says Bhutani, “We’re a bit socially handicapped but we’re getting two extra mics into the mixer this time so that we can at least introduce the songs and say thanks.”

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Spin this: “Maya,” one of the more upbeat tracks filled with warmer guitar tones compared to the dark, industrial sound the rest of Hello Sin Nation follows.



A Mututal Question in Pune last year. Photo: Prashin Jagger

A Mututal Question in Pune last year. Photo: Prashin Jagger

A Mutual Question

Set: The Pune-based post rock band will debut two new songs at the gig, from their upcoming second full-length album, the follow up to 2013’s Eyes Everywhere. Says bassist Karan Kumar about the new songs, “These songs were put together in the jam room, unlike the songs on the first album. The older stuff was all arranged on a computer and then changed around in the jam room.”

Watch out for: The band will perform with keyboardist and live member Aditya Virmani, who is also part of Pune/Delhi prog rock band Pinnochio’s Moment of Clarity. Says Kumar about performing with Virmani, “He wasn’t able to jam with us, which is why the new material was written without keyboard parts, but live, we will end up adding them [to the new songs].”

Spin this: “Wheel of Life,” the starry, groovy post rock opener featuring a hint of Hindustani vocal harmonies from their debut album, Eyes Everywhere.

 Bomb Thursdays ft A Mutual Question, Killer Fan and Doctor Zebra takes place on April 24th, 2014 at 3 Wise Monkeys, Mumbai. Entry: Rs 300 (cover charge). Event details here.

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