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Gig Preview: Sasha Chettri, Nicholson and Mosko to Perform at Live From The Console this Week

This month’s edition of LFTC will feature alt pop singer Sasha Chettri, electronica act Nicholson and garage/dance band Mosko

Jessica Kilbane Jun 04, 2014
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Mosko | Photo Credit: Sanchit Sawaria

Delhi-based guitarist Moses Koul has been performing live since the age of 14, but still shows a bit of anxiety when asked about his Mumbai debut. Says Koul, “Whoever makes the effort to come out and watch a band – I just hope they have a good time, I’m hoping that we live up to their expectations.” Koul, who is also part of experimental metal band Kraken and dreampop project L for Vendetta, will perform at this month’s edition of Live From The Console with Delhi-based garage/dance band Mosko.

The band, which formed mid-February this year, comprises singer/songwriter Kavya Trehan, drummer Bhairav Gupta [from acoustic rock band Run! It’s The Kid] and bassist Abhinav Chaudhary [from experimental rock band The Circus]. In the span of a few short months, Mosko has performed at a number of events including music festival Ragasthan in Jaisalmer, gig series The Scene in New Delhi and has already gathered a sizable following. Says Koul about their sound, “It’s UK garage music, mixed with some trip hop and hip hop – dance is the centre, it’s about the groove.” Mosko will perform as many as six unreleased tracks, including their new single “Dance Dance Revolution.”

Mosko will be supported by Mumbai-basedsinger-songwriter/keyboardist Sohrab Nicholson, whose last performance was his debut at monthly gig series The Music Arena in Mumbai in May. Nicholson’s live lineup includes drummer Rohan Ramanna as well as producers Stuart DaCosta and Jehangir Jehangir [from Mumbai electronica duo Dirty Jays and pop band Baycity Lights]. Says Nicholson, “I prefer to play with live musicians because it’s a much more rewarding feeling, especially with independent music. They’re integral to the project. Without them I’m just someone with a piano.” Nicholson will perform his debut EP For What in entirety, as well as a few additional tracks. He adds, “The last performance [at the NCPA] was a seated audience and this will be a standing audience, so some of the material will be a little different and the latter half of this set will be a little bit more upbeat.”

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Dehradun-based singer-songwriter Sasha Chettri will perform the opening set, a collection of acoustic songs influenced by punk, jazz and local folk music from her native state, Himachal Pradesh. Chettri, 24, who started playing live last year, focuses on sentimental compositions, using her music as an outlet for emotions that have otherwise been difficult to express. Says Chettri, “Music has been something that came very naturally to me. When you talk through music, it’s a lot easier.” The artist will perform tracks such as “If It Were Up To Me,” “Worlds Collide” and “Who We Are.”


Sasha Chettri, Nicholson and Mosko perform at Live from the Console on June 7th, at Mehboob Studios,  Mumbai.
Entry Rs 250.

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