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Gig Preview: Strings of the World, Mumbai

The show will be held at the city-based NCPA this weekend

Sunil Sampat Oct 16, 2019

New Delhi violinist Sharat Chandra Srivastava. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Under the banner of “One World Many Musics,” a concert focused on string instruments from different countries will be performed on October 19th at the NCPA in Mumbai.

This group is headed by violinist Sharat Chandra Srivastava from New Delhi. Srivastava is a fine exponent of the Hindustani classical violin. He is an acclaimed performer and composer and has performed previously at the NCPA with noted vocalist Zila Khan.

The collaboration between different string instruments from the world is an experiment in lyrical rather than percussive fusion of sounds from various cultures. It is a very interesting concept. Srivastava has been performing all over Europe with various well-known artists. He is a regular in Scotland, playing at multiple music festivals since 2012. The violinist has since worked with musicians from Slovenia, Holland, North America and even Scotland as well as with gypsy musicians from Macedonia and Andalusia in Spain.

For their Mumbai concert, the musicians will include Igor Bezget on guitar, Taneja Kampi on bass, Rasa-Lila Buniyalan on qamancha, Nila Aartsen on piano, Ishaan Chhabra on keyboards, Chinran Kalra on ukulele, various drums plus Sardar Khan Langa and his group of Rajasthani folk singers.

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