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Gig Preview: Tough On Tobacco to Make a Comeback with Live Show

The rockers will be supported by pop-punk outfit The Lightyears Explode and singer-songwriter Rudy Mukta on June 23rd at antiSOCIAL, Mumbai

David Britto Jun 22, 2022

Mumbai rockers Tough on Tobacco. Photo: Roycin D'souza

This month, nostalgic Mumbai rock band Tough On Tobacco uploaded their two albums, The Happy Goat (2009) and Big Big Joke (2013), onto streaming platforms. To commemorate the occasion, the band – fronted by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Sidd Coutto – are gearing up for their first live show after quite a few years. The gig will take place at Mumbai’s antiSOCIAL on June 23rd as part of city-based label Misfits Inc.’s live showcase property – It’s aLive! – and will also feature performances by local pop-punk outfit The Lightyears Explode and Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Rudy Mukta.

(From left) Mumbai pop-punk band The Lightyears Explode and Bengaluru singer-songwriter Rudy Mukta. Photos: Omar Iyer; Courtesy of the artist

Tough On Tobacco are set to showcase material from their entire catalog at the gig and bring their genre-bending rock/reggae sound to the forefront. The Lightyears Explode, on the other hand, will add to the excitement with their pop-punk sound and will perform material from their 2013 debut album The Revenge of Kalicharan and 2020 EP Mellow as well as unreleased tracks. In addition, Mukta will bring her R&B-laced songs to the mix from her two EPs, Entropy (2020) and last year’s broke my slumber.

Although the monsoon is in full swing in Mumbai now, we recommend you don’t miss this gig if you enjoy indie pop and unadulterated rock music.

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