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Gig Preview: Vh1 Supersonic Takeover with Pentagram, Vachan Chinnappa, Stalvart John, Sleepwalker and DJ Panic

Vishal Dadlani talks about the Mumbai electro-rock veterans’ first club gig since they regrouped

David Britto Jan 24, 2018

Mumbai electro-rockers Pentagram will perform at the Vh1 Supersonic Takeover gig in Bengaluru this weekend. Photo: The Clique Photography

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There’s a lot in store for Bengaluru this weekend. Multi-genre music festival Vh1 Supersonic will host an exciting gig with five artists at one of its newest venues, Gilly’s Redefined on January 27th. Billed as the Vh1 Supersonic Takeover, a first of its kind gig that will feature electronica and rock across three stages ”“ with something for everyone.

One of the biggest draws for the show is Mumbai-based electro-rockers Pentagram, alongside performances by Bengaluru DJs Panic, Vachan Chinnappa and Stalvart John as well as Pondicherry electronica artist Sleepwalker. With Pentagram being the only band on the lineup, frontman Vishal Dadlani says, “We’ve been there before, Pentagram holds its own.”

Ask Dadlani when was the last time Pentagram played in Bengaluru and he says, “The last time we played anywhere before NH7 [Weekender, held in Pune in December] was three years ago, so wherever we play it’s been a while since we played.”

With Vh1 Supersonic evolving into a massive multi-genre music festival, the vocalist is delighted with the fact that there is now a “huge rock n’ roll component this year.” Dadlani is probably referring to the additions of American rock band Incubus and English indie rock group Alt-J to the festival’s lineup. He says, “I think it will bring a whole diverse audience in and I think in the indie circuit there is far too much division in an already small circuit.” He adds, “So it’s nice when you have a multi-genre festival, everyone can get together and enjoy music together and it doesn’t matter what kind of T-shirts you wear.”

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While the DJs will keep the dance floors occupied at the Vh1 Supersonic Takeover, you can be guaranteed that the Mumbai outfit have a special performance in the works. “[The set in] Bangalore is going to be a lot more structured than NH7 was. It’s a club gig and a much more intimate space and I have no idea what’s going to happen on stage but it’s going to be a lot of fun,” says Dadlani.

On the cards for Pentagram after the Vh1 Supersonic Takeover gig is a slot at the festival itself between February 9th-11th alongside Incubus and Alt-J. “I watched Incubus in 2003 at Reading and I love Alt-J. I’m excited we’re playing on the same stage as these guys,” says Dadlani.

Vh1 Supersonic Takeover will take place on January 27th, 2018 at Gilly’s Redefined in Bengaluru. For tickets and more information, click here.

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