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Gig Review: Hologram 28

Despite a low turnout and tricky sound system, Mumbai-based electronica duo Hologram 28 performed with much enthusiasm at their debut gig

Nabeela Shaikh Aug 21, 2015
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Heather Andrews and Suprateek Chatterjee of Hologram 28. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Heather Andrews and Suprateek Chatterjee of Hologram 28. Photo courtesy of the artist.

August 19th, The Drawing Room, Mumbai:  The Drawing Room, a cozy little space above Bandra’s Smoke House Deli was near empty around 9.30 p.m., except for a few early birds and the Hologram 28 themselves, lazing around near their set-up. It was only around 11 pm that the small space was abuzz with regulars, friends of the duo act , and the occasional electro enthusiast. It was then that electronica duo kicked off their very first live set with an original [that remains as yet untitled] that immediately got the crowd’s attention. But it was their next track that had the audience really singing along. Complete with catchy beats and a pop-laden hook, “Zoot Suit” seemed like a crowd favorite already.

The duo, comprising Suprateek Chatterjee on guitars and Heather Andrews on vocals and synth, went through the rest of their 40-minute set with unwavering enthusiasm, not deterred by the compromised sound quality or the fact that they were playing to backing tracks. Whether it was the synth-heavy “Oh” or their more laid-back, minimalist “Come Alive,” Chatterjee and Andrews’ music rang out pleasantly above the drunken banter of the crowd. Perhaps a little more rehearsal would have gone a long way, but Hologram 28 did manage to keep the tiny crowd on its feet, something that might be considered a feat considering this was a Wednesday night.

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Hologram 28 released their debut EP ”˜Happy Accidents’ last month. You can listen to the EP here.

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