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#GigsToCatch This Week

Here is our roundup of shows from up and down the country we think you shouldn’t miss

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Aug 29, 2018

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Dhatu Drishya Adhyaya

Dhatu Drishya is a gig series that brings together new metal, hard rock, grunge and progressive bands from all over the country. This installment features Pune-based metal outfit Noiseware, New Delhi-bred black metal band 1833 AD, Raipur’s four-piece death metal group Brazen Molok and Jammers Graveyard, a tech-slam death core band from Guwahati.

Where: Turquoise Cottage, Green Park, New Delhi
When: August 30th

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Aditi Ramesh Ensemble

#ComeTogether orgainzed by Mumbai’s Flea Bazaar Café is a series that brings together collaborations among national and international musicians. This week’s show is led by the jazz, blues and Carnatic singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh from Mumbai and features a number of guest artists.

Where: Flea Bazaar Cafe, Mumbai
When: August 30th

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The Shillong-based blues veterans Soulmate continue their tour of Hard Rock Cafe’s across the country this week.  Infectious energy guaranteed.

Where: Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi
When: August 31st

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Catch New Delhi drum and bass artist Tarqeeb as he spins everything from meditative dub step to Indian electronica.

Where: The Storyteller’s Bar, Pondicherry
When: August 31st

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Peter Cat Recording Co.

New Delhi’s Peter Cat Recording Co. is difficult to categorize because of their constantly evolving sound that glides effortlessly across genres. The group is known for their gypsy jazz, ballroom waltz, psychedelic cabaret and disco tunes. Prepare yourself for a truly unique experience.

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Where: The Bar Cat, New Delhi
When: September 1st

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