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#GigsToCatch This Week

Here is our roundup of shows from up and down the country we think you shouldn’t miss

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Sep 19, 2018

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New Delhi-based outfit Shorthand takes inspiration from a variety of genres like jazz, funk, blues, soul and prog rock. They group is set to debut a bunch of new material at their upcoming gig this week.

Where: Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi
When: September 20th

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Bengaluru rock band Parvaaz wears its international rock influences on its sleeve while giving their sound a lush, indigenous expressiveness.

Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Bengaluru
When: September 20th

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As part of their Higher Ground Tour, Mumbai-based neo-soul band Smalltalk will be performing in Shillong too. The band recently released their brilliant debut EP Tacit, and will also perform unreleased material drawing heavy influence from R&B,  jazz and electronica.

Where: Dylan’s Cafe, Shillong
When: September 21st

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Yatin Srivastava Project, Sutej Singh

The first edition of gig series The Showcase, presents two fresh and exciting talents. New Delhi’s diverse progressive metal outfit Yatin Srivastava Project will be playing tracks from their acclaimed album Chaos//Despair and guitarist-composer Sutej Singh from Himachal Pradesh will be the second act, playing nuanced, harmonic progressive metal.

Where: Turquoise Cottage, Green Park, New Delhi
When: September 21st

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Don’t miss this world music outfit, conceptualised by Indian guitar virtuoso Amyt Datta. Kolkata-based band Ziba has a truly unique sound: playing sophisticated harmonies with aggressive improvisation, and singing in multiple languages.

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Where: BFlat Indiranagar, Bengaluru
When: September 21st

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Gully Fest

Red Bull Music’s Gully Fest is Mumbai rapper Divine’s initiative, bringing some of the best voices in Mumbai hip-hop together in a jam-packed show. The much-anticipated gig will feature Delhi Sultanate and Begum X, India’s foremost reggae and dub act, underground rap veteran D’Evil, bilingual artist Enkore, DJ Major from Bombay Basement and many more.

Where: Famous Studios, Mumbai
When: September 22nd

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Easy Wanderlings

Pune-based band Easy Wanderlings is an amalgamation of soul, pop, and folk, with influences ranging from The Eagles to John Mayer. They’re bringing their sweet, feel-good vibe to Bengaluru, performing tracks from their debut album As Written In The Stars.

Where: Blue Frog, Bengaluru
When: September 23rd

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