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Gin City Deliver Riff Heavy Debut LP ‘All That There Is’

The record comes after the Mumbai rock outfit released four singles over the course of the last year

David Britto May 28, 2021

Mumbai rockers Gin City. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Four-piece Mumbai-based rock outfit Gin City – comprising vocalist-guitarist Shishir Singh, drummer Swapnil Singh, bassist Kaustubh Meher and guitarist Nikhil Sinha – have been teasing their just-released seven-track debut album All That There Is since 2020 without actually knowing so. Shishir says, “There was no intention to release an EP or an album.” After dropping four singles over the last year, the band wrote and recorded three more tracks to complete the record.

According to Shishir, when it comes to lyrics he’s always intended to write “heavy-handed stories” with a touch of duality. The record covers themes with motivation (“Animal”), emotions of anger (“Ambush”) and mental health issues (“Nevermore”). The vocalist says, “I’ve always tried to keep the melody fun yet touch on everyday topics we don’t openly talk about, especially in India.” When it comes to the record’s sonic imprint, there’s heavy rock influences from Nineties bands as well as plenty of electrifying riffs. Gin City also thrash about in typically Foo Fighters style on their song “Blackout” reminiscent of the American rock outfit’s 1997 track “Wind Up” off their 1997 album The Colour and the Shape. Overall, though, Gin City have captured their grunge meets alternative rock sound refreshingly well. “The album is a powerful journey from start to end, and that’s exactly what we were aiming for,” says Swapnil.

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All That There Is has been recorded at Shishir’s home studio and self-produced by the band. The vocalist-guitarist also handled mixing and mastering duties for the group. Next, Gin City is prepping to put together a couple of music videos that they hope to release soon. Swapnil says, “We are glad to have come so far in terms of releasing our singles last year and then a whole new album this year.”

Stream ‘All That There Is’ below:

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