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Euphoric Heartbreak

Jody Rosen May 03, 2011
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Euphroic Heartbreak

Scotland’s Glasvegas emerged a couple of years back as unabashed Phil Spector revivalists, combining the sonic grandeur of the Brill Building legend’s pop operas with Eighties Brit-rock atmospherics. But the quartet have decided that the bombast of their 2009 debut wasn’t bombastic enough. On Euphoric Heartbreak, the synths chime like church organs, the guitars peal and the choruses climb toward the cloud-swaddled mountaintop where God sits enthroned. If you like rock gratuitously big and laced with soggy self-pity, frontman James Allan, and his enabler, superproducer Flood, are here to help.

Key Tracks: ”˜The World Is Yours,’ ”˜Euphoria, Take My Hand’

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