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Global Artists Spotlight: AMAVA, Doctor Yizzle, Seek Harbour and More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) The Astronomers, AMAVA, Doctor Yizzle and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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AMAVA – “Muse”

U.S.-based artist Madison Slicker, who moonlights under her pop avatar AMAVA, recently released her glitch-leaning track “Muse,” which includes an electro-tinged production that layers her sultry vocals over a hazy soundscape. Inspired by the idea of being someone’s muse, the empowering track breaks down the perception that one’s self-worth is tied to how someone else views them, instead encouraging listeners to reclaim their own identity with confidence. In a statement, AMAVA said, “I want all of my music to sound like it takes place in a glittered, haunted house. A lot of what I write is based on how I’m feeling in that exact moment and I’ll always want to encapsulate a very specific and certain feeling.”

The Astronomers feat. Sammy Rash – “Turn Out Fine”

American alt-pop duo The Astronomers have called upon chill-pop artist Sammy Rash for a catchy collaboration on the fresh new offering “Turn Out Fine.” The song exudes a warm summery feel as it is rooted in a relatable theme of uncertainties of youth, and yet channels the excitement and anticipation of new chapters in life. The artists offer plenty of dynamics, energetic soundscapes and more throughout the track. In a statement, The Astronomers said, “We are all at points in our life where we are making big changes. Graduating [from] college, relationships, trying to find places to live and jobs, whatever it may be, it’s scary! Even though life seems to be going right in so many ways, it feels like it’s up in the air.”

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Doctor Yizzle – “Guilt”

California-bred, Korean-American hip-hop artist Doctor Yizzle aka Michael Yi began uploading music as early as 2017 and has been gradually switching up his style since then. His latest single “Guilt,” which was released in April, combines lo-fi production elements with energetic rock-drum beats and his own emo-leaning rap and sung melodies. Confrontational and introspective at once, “Guilt” follows a slew of Doctor Yizzle singles, including “Natural,” “Comfort” and “Dark Knight,” all released this year.

Kabir Sehgal – Unfolding

Indian-origin American producer Kabir Sehgal knows his way around pop as he proves on his new EP Unfolding, but there’s so much more he’s done. There are meditation albums he’s made for spiritual figure Deepak Chopra, and he’s also been involved in big band jazz albums by the likes of Regina Carter, featuring Jon Batiste. Sehgal’s 2021 debut pop EP Threshold is followed up by Unfolding, which features singers such as Nicole Zuraitis, Ariana Savalas (from Postmodern Jukebox), Sonna Rele and soul vocalist Leah Harris. The songs are centered around identity and presented as impactful pop compositions. Sehgal says, “Indian-Americans can often be pigeonholed and not considered part of the mainstream. But the Indian-American experience is part of the American experience. Unfolding is one step towards bringing Indian-Americans and BIPOC [black, indigenous, and people of color] artists into the spotlight.”

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Seek Harbour – Far From Home EP

Post-hardcore band Seek Harbour from Kent in the U.K. walk a fine balance between crushing, anguished vocals and sing-along choruses on their debut EP Far From Home. There’s a shimmer on songs like “Dagger Like Eyes,” while “Wolves” contrasts the visceral with the finessed with arena-ready rhythms. The title track is a lot friendlier, as is the gentle closing track “TY (FBMH).” Seek Harbour, who came together around 2018, comprise vocalists Edwin Matthew Hall, Lawrence Regan, guitarist and programmer Chris Ellinor, and drummer Simon Bullock. 

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