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Global Artists Spotlight: Ashley Mehta, Jillian Rossi, Scott Nicholls And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Ashley Mehta, Jillian Rossi, Scott Nicholls and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Francisco Martin – Beautiful Ramblings of A Restless Mind

San Francisco-bred singer-songwriter Francisco Martin shares themes of love, loneliness and heartache across his emotional six-track debut EP Beautiful Ramblings of A Restless Mind. The record is filled with earnest lyricism while sonically the artist channels pop and acoustic elements. Martin says about the record, “It’s an emotional journey, a conversation. It’s a little bit about falling in love, a little bit about yearning for love; and a little bit about losing one of the first loves of my life.”

Kat Hamilton – Recovery Songs

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Kat Hamilton’s debut nine-track album Recovery Songs is a narrative of resilience, representing the singer’s real-life experiences and struggles. The record touches upon topics such as addiction, trauma, loss and recovery. Hamilton draws from her country music influences as well as from acts like Death Cab for Cutie, Fleetwood Mac and Sheryl Crow to create her distinct sound. “I feel like emo and country have so much in common. They are both a few chords and a story. So even though they may seem like an unlikely fit, I see them as doing the same job,” says Hamilton.

DJ Imanbek, Sean Paul, Sofia Reyes – “Dancing on Dangerous”

Kazakh DJ and producer Imanbek teams up with Jamaican hip-hop artist Sean Paul and Mexican pop star Sofia Reyes for a summer offering titled “Dancing on Dangerous.” The jumpy track features Paul’s classical delivery while Reyes floats in with crisp melodies over Imanbek’s bouncy beat.

Skofee – “QVC”

Kansas raised alt-pop singer-songwriter Skofee’s quirky new track “QVC” includes pop soundscapes as well as her blissful vocals. The track also comes with a colorful video that’s inspired by infomercials on cable TV.

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Total Brutal – “Had a Feeling”

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Emily Moore aka Total Brutal recently released the sun-soaked Seventies-inspired offering titled “Had a Feeling.” The breezy laidback rock offering includes the musician’s mellifluous vocals and deals with the need for connection, both emotionally and physically.

Jillian Rossi – “Fever Dream”

American pop artist Jillian Rossi showcases a powerful modern pop ballad titled “Fever Dream.” While Rossi’s magical voice leads the way, the poignant track is brilliantly produced as well. With the song going viral on social media platform TikTok, it’s already amassed a cool 600,000 streams on streaming service Spotify. It’s only onwards and upwards for Rossi.

Hanne Mjøen – “Hell With You”

Norwegian alt/pop artist Hanne Mjøen narrates what it feels like to fall out of love while still in a relationship and not wanting to leave, for fear of not being able to love again on her electro-pop song “Hell With You.” The throbbing synths and dynamic flair create quite a roller-coaster of emotions while listening to the song.

Scott Nicholls – “Heartbeat (feat. Savannah Gardner)”

British country singer Scott Nicholls brings on board vocalist Savannah Gardner for the rock-leaning offering titled “Heartbeat.” Filled with twangy acoustic instrumentation as well as distorted guitars and uplifting sections, Nicholls says, “We may not be in the springtime of our lives right now, but after a really tough year for everybody, I wanted to release something that people could remember that nostalgia is ok. Looking back is OK.”

Ashley Mehta – “FEELS LIKE THAT”

Hailing from the Bay Area with Filipino and Indian roots, pop/R&B artist Ashley Mehta drops a slick tune in the shape of “FEELS LIKE THAT.” The track features a hypnotic beat whereas Mehta’s cool and calculated melodies make this offering quite the earworm.

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Yaatri – “Gold”

U.K. crossover jazz band Yaatri presents the first single, the groovy “Gold,” from their forthcoming debut album Lucid. The mellifluous song includes intricate musicianship with brilliant percussive elements as well as sublime singing.

Laura Aya & Jairo Morales – “La Verdad – Nuestro Jazz”

Vienna-based Colombian singer Laura Aya and Venezuelan Jairo Morales team up for a dexterous, soulful and musing duet called “La Verdad.” With flute and other percussive elements in the mix, the duo showcase a strong Latin jazz style for for Austrian Latin jazz and Latin music platform Nuestro Jazz.

Shiraz Lane – “Broken Into Pieces”

Already having two stellar albums to their name – For Crying Out Loud in 2016 and Carnival Days in 2018 – Finnish rockers Shiraz Lane walk a sturdy balance between glam-rock and modern hard rock on their most recent release “Broken Into Pieces.” The standalone single surges ahead, coming a far way from their home in Tikkurila, a small town near Helsinki.

The Hellfreaks – “Tabby”

Budapest-based band The Hellfreaks were founded in 2009 but underwent a sea change in 2015, and the reinvention is clearly a continual process for the quartet led by vocalist Shakey Sue aka Zsuzsa Rodnoti. Their gritty, stomping new single “Tabby” was out in March and brings forward a bit of punk energy as well as modern metal elements with full charge.


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