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Global Artists Spotlight: B-ahwe, SLUGS, DEJA And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) B-ahwe, SLUGS, DEJA and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Leah Kate – “Veronica”

Hot on the heels from her energetic single “Calabasas” last month, American alt-pop singer-songwriter Leah Kate is now out with a new offering, the groovy “Veronica.” The track retains Kate’s quirky lyrics and eccentric melodies while she leans towards a funk-bass-infused beat and production style. Through the song, the singer delivers clever and humorous blows to the man involved in a love triangle as she side’s with the character “Veronica” and creates an atmosphere of solidarity and empowerment alongside the “other woman.”

Nolie – “Think Back”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Nolie’s newest track is the breezy “Think Back.” Filled with uplifting sonic elements, Nolie’s infectious voice and more, the track is a total summer bop. “’Think Back’ was one of the last songs my producer Christofi and I had initially written while under quarantine restrictions. He had sent me a few beats and this one really stuck out immediately and made me want to live out my electronic Empire Of The Sun dreams,” the artist said in a statement.

Soleil – “Loves To Blame

New York-bred and Miami-based singer-songwriter Soleil delivers an upbeat and soulful new song titled “Loves To Blame.” The track talks about how love affects people while electronic production elements and Soleil’s slick vocals run through. “When you’re into someone, you start accommodating your life, so that you can fit the other person into your schedule,” Soleil said in a statement. She added, “You think about that person often, and at some point, you want to make it official. These are all things that we can blame on love.”

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Dante Palminteri – “Brunettes”

American singer-songwriter and actor Dante Palminteri’s new rock fuelled song “Brunettes” is a whirling sonic concoction of distorted guitars, pulsating drums, gritty bass lines and more. Lyrically, Palminteri sings passionately about attraction, love and how your heart ultimately calls the shots when it comes to romance.” He said in a statement, “The song describes the type of person I have always been attracted to.  Someone who takes me out of my comfort zone and brings me into their world. It’s about being taken on a wild ride with someone and loving every moment of it.”

SLUGS – “I Only Party (w my baby)”

Los Angeles-based four-piece alt-rock outfit SLUGS recently dropped a new video for their hooky song “I Only Party (w my baby).” While a mesh of guitars and drums carry the song – which is a light-hearted narrative of spending quality time with your partner or friends – the track’s music video features picture jumping cartoons giving a 2000s flip book feel and bursts in a sunset color palette with trippy shots and quirky characterful expressions.

Sucreblooms – Outgrow EP

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Erick Lee aka Sucreblooms – previously of indie rock band Modern Rivals – embarks on a new journey with his shapeshifting, cerebral and calming debut EP Outgrow, released via the label Grind Select. There are dancefloor-ready songs like “Insane” but also emotive electronic tracks like “Honesty,” making this a diverse listen.

B-ahwe – “Circles”

From her upcoming six-track EP Motions, London-based singer-songwriter B-ahwe turns up with chill hip-hop and R&B, with a production assist from Tambala on “Circles.” Interspersing rap with R&B hooks that are often low in register, there’s a darkness present in the bop. “I used themes of time and the changing of seasons to address issues surrounding mental health,” B-ahwe says.

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Martin Jensen, Amber Van Day, N.F.I – “Can’t Come To The Phone”

Danish DJ-producer Martin Jensen teams up with U.K. vocalist Amber Van Day and production collective N.F.I. to go from strength to strength with a new club-friendly anthem. “Can’t Come To The Phone” is a mischievous tale of debauchery, complete with a suitably party-hard music video featuring Jensen and Van Day on a night out.

DEJA – “Wishin’”

Birmingham-bred, London-based R&B/pop artist DEJA’s latest single “Wishin’” sees her crooning in a confident yet yearning tone about missed opportunities. DEJA said in a statement, “I think we’ve all been there – seeing a guy/girl in the street that you actually want up in your sheets. And then wishing you’d made some kind of move because now you can’t get them out of your head! That’s what ‘Wishin’’ is about; taking that leap or regretting it. No risk, no reward.”

Matt Lamb – “Rain”

London-based producer and singer Matt Lamb – who previously released music under the moniker Breen – is out with his first single “Rain.” It’s a suitably introspective song to turn up when it’s dark and drizzling rain outside, employing a wistful hook over wavy production. 

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