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Global Artists Spotlight: Bishop Ivy, Isa Reyes, Haiden And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Bishop Ivy, Isa Reyes, Haiden and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Haiden – “Okay ok k”

California-bred singer-songwriter Haiden unveils his shimmering falsetto voice on the brand-new pop-infused track “Okay ok k.” The song includes quirky production as well as sparkling instrumentation and is an homage to Haiden’s influence Justin Timberlake. “A lot of the sounds in the track are recycled text and AirDrop tones from my iPhone, which we felt invited fans into the text conversation,” Haiden said in a statement.

Isa Reyes – BELS

New York City-bred multimedia artist Isa Reyes’ debut’s four-track EP BELS is a journey of self-growth and acceptance for the 22-year-old artist who delivers a beautifully packaged set of songs. The record comes complete with incredible songwriting as well as out-of-the-box sonic sensibilities whereas Reyes’ strong and formidable vocals bring each element together quite exquisitely. In a statement, Reyes said, “Thematically, BELS takes you on a journey of vulnerability, nostalgia, love, belonging, grief, depression, heritage, generational trauma, and coming to terms with the past.”

Bishop Ivy – “parasocial”

U.S.-based alternative-pop songwriter Bishop Ivy’s new video for his track “parasocial” off his EP with the same title, is a trippy visual that sees him performing the track against a variation of colors across the screen. In a statement, he said, “The word ‘parasocial’ describes a type of one-sided relationship people have with those who aren’t aware of the relationship, like celebrities or even fictional characters. I also like the similarity to the word ‘paranormal’ further tying into the analogy of ghosts, and the ghostly nature of the record in general.”

Gina Jeanz – “Dopamine”

Cape Town-based Namibian electronic music producer, DJ Gina Jeanz unveils a topsy-turvy, shimmering dancefloor banger with her latest single “Dopamine,” featuring soul vocalist Moonga K. The song is taken from her upcoming debut album Lucid Theory, slated to release in December. The DJ-producer says about the song, “[It] particularly touches on mental health. I wanted to approach the production in a more uplifting/upbeat tone mostly because I felt that having this platform to produce music and express myself while dealing with my own personal journey really carried me through.”

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Kevin Ross – “WaveRunner”

Washington D.C. bred artist Kevin Ross started out with songwriting and production stints for the likes of Jamie Foxx, Toni Braxton and Trey Songz and in 2017, he released his solo album The Awakening. He’s now out with his latest album Drive 2, which includes buoyant Afro Beat-informed tracks like “WaveRunner,” featuring Rotimi and Afro B. “Drive 2 it’s more of an all-purpose kind of record meaning, you can wake up in the morning and play it straight through or you can go to sleep at night and play it straight through,” Ross says about the album.

Beyond The Sun – “Over”

Toronto rock trio Beyond The Sun – comprising brothers Colin, Phil and Dalton Radu – dig into a quintessential indie rock sound on their latest single “Over,” recalling bands like Jimmy Eat World, among others. The band said in a statement, “‘Over’ is a look into a time in your life where your friends are settling down and moving on into new chapters of their lives and you are not. It’s about feeling stuck in the same town, but in reality, both sides are looking at each other wanting what they don’t have.”

MIREI – “1998”

Previously accruing millions of streams for introspective songs like “Lonely In Tokyo” Japanese artist MIREI continues her exploration into pop, R&B and chill music with “1998.” She asks earnestly, “Am I young? Or am I old?” as she navigates being born at a time that makes her relate to Gen Z and millennials. Produced by DJ Shiftee, MIREI says about the track in a statement, “While looking back at the culture I grew up with, I reflected on who I am and where I belong… Britney Spears with Justin Timberlake in the all-denim […] makes me feel like I’m a Nineties Baby. But on the other hand, I love Olivia Rodrigo, and I am so hooked on TikTok, so I feel like I’m much younger. I feel like my birth year, 1998, is a limbo year in between it all.”

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Maham Suhail – “Mein Kamli Mastani”

Following the release of her dexterous song “Pauna 6,” Pakistani artist Maham Suhail has released the next single from her upcoming album Mitti, the Punjabi song “Mein Kamli Mastani.” Anchored in Suhail’s unfiltered, playful voice and tabla and accordion flowing through, the artist says about the song, “Mein Kamli Mastani’ makes a statement about the empowered, liberated woman, who lives life to her own terms.”

Guy Buttery – One Morning In Gurgaon

Durban-based fingerstyle guitarist and composer Guy Buttery toured India towards the end of 2019 and also marked his time out to perform with tabla artist Mohd. Amjad Khan and sarangi player Mudassir Khan, resulting in his improvised album One Morning In Gurgaon. The soothing, subtle fusion of styles between the artists – who were touring together – creates a charm like few other records. Buttery said in a note released with the album, “With limited time together and an already crammed schedule, we somehow managed to secure a single morning to record. The synchronicities of this encounter and the unexpected studio session that followed, immediately reminded me of a previous trip to the subcontinent.”

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