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Global Artists Spotlight: Capri Wagner, 2Kings And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter Capri Wagner. Photo: Dominic Wagner

Capri Wagner – “My Angel”

Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter Capri Wagner tugs at heartstrings with her latest emotional single, “My Angel.” The song was written as an ode to Wagner’s late father. It includes elegant piano parts, a syncopated groove, Wagner’s passionate vocals and more. In a statement, the artist said, “My father was full of life. It’s a traumatic loss and a few weeks after his passing is when ideas for a song started to form.” She added, “This song also sheds light on knowing that even though I can’t be with him physically, he will always be in my heart, soul, and mind. I know he is watching over me every day and I have had countless signs to show me that he is.”

Cory Singer – “Break of Dawn”

New Jersey-bred singer-songwriter Cory Singer’s newest offering is the playful ditty “Break of Dawn.” The track brings together breezy acoustic guitar plucking, Singer’s saccharine vocals and lush harmonies. The music video for it – which sees Singer perform the track around a city – was released during World Autism Acceptance Month in April. The musician, who is an autism advocate, said in a statement, “Last year during World Autism Month, I dropped my single ‘Someone’ which spoke of my challenges in meeting a woman who would love me for who I am. ‘Break of Dawn’ is the answer to that song because this year I finally met someone who loves me for who I am. My inspiration for this song is to give others who live with disabilities hope that all things are possible and we are all loved.”

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Iconika – “Future Motown”

California-based R&B/pop artist Iconika (formerly known as Phlo Finister) takes it upon herself to create a whole new mashed-up style with her latest single, “Future Motown.” Like the title suggests, there are flourishes of soul and R&B sounds but also modern elements like fuzzy guitars, serpentine synths and a lo-fi drum beat. Co-produced by Iconika and American producer William James Edwards III, “Future Motown” lyrically draws from themes of “nostalgia, style and hope,” according to a press statement.

2Kings – “Last Time” ft. Douniah (JAUBI Remix)

Last June, London hip-hop duo 2Kings released their self-titled debut EP. Now, that EP gets a new dimension with a remixes version. For the slinky bop “Last Time,” featuring vocals by Douniah, 2Kings’ Shah brothers bring in Pakistani act Jaubi to create an exciting fusion. Punctuated by sarangi and fluid rhythms, the jazzy “Last Time” remix features bassist Horatio Luna, Zohaib Hassan Khan’s sarangi, drummer Odyssey Zelno and guitarist Ali Riaz Baqar, who all recorded between Melbourne and Lahore.


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