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Global Artists Spotlight: Danelle Sandoval, Daniel Felipe Martinez, Shanga And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Danelle Sandoval, Daniel Felipe Martinez, Shanga and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Danelle Sandoval – “Go”

U.S.-based artist Danelle Sandoval recently released an R&B laced song titled “Go.” On the lush track, Sandoval sings about acceptance, empowerment and confidence in her own skin as an Asian-American woman. “It’s my way of reclaiming my sexual identity and not being anyone’s fantasy except my own,” she says. The track also comes with a beautiful visual that features the singer dancing and performing the song in elegant outfits.

Shanga – Bold

Bern-based Swiss-Nigerian artist Manuela Modupe Udemba aka Shanga’s refreshing full-length nine-track debut album Bold includes soundscapes such as rhythmic soul, afro beats, rap and jazz. Shanga’s versatility to go from singing melodic harmonies to bursting into slick hip-hop rhymes on the record is second to none.

Jillian Rossi – “Give Me A Reason”

On her latest single, “Give Me A Reason,” U.S.-based singer-songwriter Jillian Rossi delivers a powerful vocal performance. While the track is about a broken relationship according to the artist, she says, “It’s inspired by a true story about a guy who moved across the country as we were in a long-distance relationship, and I begged for him to give me a reason for me to stay.” Rossi adds, “This song is definitely one of my favorites and I feel it embodies exactly what I want to do as an artist, with the hard-hitting anthemic chorus with [and] the more emotional, ballad-like verses.”

Breagh Isabel – “Girlfriends”

Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Breagh Isabel shares a courageous and coming-of-age story on her pop-leaning debut single “Girlfriends.” The artist says, “It’s a bit of a sad song wrapped up in a happy-sounding package. The lyrics don’t really tell a hopeful story.” She adds, “The resolution comes from the fact that I can own the experience and re-tell it from a place of happiness.”

CimplyDan – “South Side Livin'”

Florida-based rapper-singer CimplyDan’s new offering, the breezy “South Side Livin’” is about the artist’s relationship woes and struggles. Filled with crunchy guitar parts and a tight beat as well as CimplyDan’s slick flow, the song is catchy and also includes a memorable vocal hook.

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Daniel Felipe Martinez – “In The Middle”

Los Angeles native Daniel Felipe Martinez juxtaposes electronic pop and hip-hop production as well as alt-pop on his new synth leaning offering “In The Middle.” Martinez’s laidback vocals accompanied by the breezy instrumentation make the track quite the earworm. The artist says, “Parts of the lyrics are literally describing the experience of people having fun, drinking, smoking and dancing but it also touches on having personal realizations ‘in the middle’ of all the fun.” He adds, “The message there is that sometimes you are the one holding yourself back from achieving or doing what it is you truly want to do, or should be doing.”

Rikas – “Stereo”

German pop-rock band Rikas’ latest single “Stereo” is a dancey tune that’s filled with a beautiful blend of guitars, synths, grooves and catchy vocals. The song is also accompanied by a colorful video that shows the band for sale in a store window.

Hong Kong Boyfriend – “see u dance”

Bay Area-raised alt-R&B act Hong Kong Boyfriend’s recent release “see u dance” is a melodic and mellow track that features the artist’s poignant songwriting and relaxed production.

milk. – “In La”

Dublin-based pop-rock band milk. has a new song out in the shape of the glossy “In LA.” The track features an upbeat groove as well as glittery guitar parts. In a statement, the band said, “It’s about the stereotype of L.A. as a superficial place and how heavily social status and celebrity influence the people that live there. Everybody in L.A. is trying to be somebody.”

Kimley Mayron – “Free Electron”

According to Paris-bred pop artist Kimley Mayron, her debut single “Free Electron,” is about moral independence and the importance of traveling. Mayron’s vocals stand out on the song over pop production.

The Petty Saints – “Clean Hands and Guilt”

Originally from London, San Diego-based rockers The Petty Saints channel a lot of rock ‘n roll goodness into their latest release “Clean Hands and Guilt.” With their debut album Long Way Home in the works, the quartet – frontman Ciaran O’Reilly, bassist Dan Rucker, guitarist Brett Reeves and drummer Matt Yansch – recall heavy-hitters like The Gaslight Anthem as well as Bruce Springsteen on “Clean Hands and Guilt.”

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Mia Giovina – “Time Machine”

20-year-old New Jersey-bred Mia Giovina turns to dreamy, nostalgic piano pop with her second single “Time Machine.” Capturing a similar sonic aesthetic to her debut single “Sirens,” which released in March, the TikTok-famous singer-songwriter wishes for simpler times with fewer things to worry about. “With my closest friends off in cities hours from me and adulthood knocking it’s fist on my door, this song felt like it wrote itself more than I wrote it. Whether you’re 17 or 70, I hope this song makes you feel something,” she says.

High Grass – “Home”

Starting out a decade ago in Havana, indie rock duo High Grass’ vocalist Kristina Miranda (who has Russian roots) and guitarist Marciel Miranda (from Cuba) moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and resumed their journey on new ground. With their roots in mind, they’ve released their spirited new track “Home,” which is bittersweet. Kristina says in a statement, “Leaving home is never easy, but sometimes we are forced to do so. We wrote this song to unite the world and to bring awareness to Cuban-American relations. As for now, people on the island crave for a change.”

Koyo – “Moriches”

Long Island, New York-based hardcore band Koyo brings back emo sweetness to an otherwise galloping sound in their new music video “Moriches.” There’s toughness and tenderness all in one charged-up shot from Koyo, who came together early last year and will release their second EP Drives Out East via Triple B records on July 6th. 

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