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Global Artists Spotlight: Eli Manna, Ebony Buckle, Joshua Crumbly And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Eli Manna, Ebony Buckle, Joshua Crumbly and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Giraffe Studios (Crumbly)

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Eli Manna – The God Complex

American artist Eli Manna has released a diverse new 12-track album called The God Complex. The record is filled with a variety of genres that include rap, funk, jazz, classical, reggae, pop, R&B, rock, country and Gospel. In a statement, Manna said, “The project tells a beautiful story of my life, each memory being represented by a track.”

Ebony Buckle – Disco Lasers

London-based singer-songwriter Ebony Buckle’s 11-track debut album Disco Lasers celebrates the wonders of the universe and how human beings make sense of their existence through folklore legends, science and imagination. Buckle showcases her powerful, operatic performances to delicate, soothing lullabies, demonstrating her versatility. Blending pop, folk and classical elements, her stunning falsetto vocals burst with emotion, while the cinematic arrangements are instantly captivating.

M.anifest – Madina to the Universe

A seasoned name in the African hip-hop space, Ghana-based rapper M.anifest can look back on more than a decade of albums, mixtapes and more. He’s keeping his craft as sublime as ever on his latest record Madina to the Universe. There’s a grandiose opening on “Mttu” followed by Afro-beat and guitar-informed tunes like “Confusion” and “Weeping Clouds.” M.anifest teams up with Vic Mensa and Moliy for lethal trap vibes on “No Fear”. “This album is a reflection of life’s journey as well as a statement of ambition. The journey to its release has been fraught with last-minute challenges. Fortunately, it was better for it,” the rapper said in a statement.

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Joshua Crumbly – “Kolkata”

Songwriter, producer and bassist Joshua Crumbly is half African-American and half Indo-American, and he often travels to his mother’s home in Kolkata. The two-minute instrumental track is a tranquil yet seemingly mysterious slice of sound from Crumbly’s new record ForEver. Speaking about the song, he explains, “I had a moment of stillness looking out the window, taking in everything. It was such a beautiful moment that I can’t even quite explain but I’m so grateful to have experienced it. The theme of this song came to me and I documented it right away as if it were a sonic journal entry.”

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