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Global Artists Spotlight: Erica Cody, Trap Rabbit, Brandy Haze And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Erica Cody, Trap Rabbit, Brandy Haze and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Erica Cody – “Queen”

Ireland R&B artist Erica Cody’s newest offering is her honeyed single “Queen.” The song dazzles with slick production while the singer’s vocals grab your attention at first listen. Lyrically, the song is a love letter to herself, she says, “Comparison is the thief of joy. Be you for you while unapologetically yourself. You control your own happiness, so make your happiness happen. Live your life for you, don’t pay attention to the bullshit, it’s a distraction. Your time is on the way, stay patient, persistent and authentic. Everything else will follow.”

Trap Rabbit and Maxfield Gast – “This Was Once Out of Shape”

Philadelphia-based experimental alt-jazz duo Trap Rabbit team up with saxophonist Maxfield Gast on a hypnotic new song titled “This Was Once Out of Shape.” The track includes intricate musicianship while melodic grooves and electronic elements add to the experience.

Brandy Haze – That’s Unfortunate

Los Angeles-based songwriter Brandy Haze’s new EP That’s Unfortunate is laced in alternative R&B as well as pop and electronic soundscapes. The record was formed with songs about Haze’s own “tragic love life.”  Combining her signature soulful vocals with inventive R&B landscapes and versatile production, That’s Unfortunate is a musical escape where the songwriter has created a unique, yet relatable world listeners can immerse themselves in.

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Yen Strange “Go Away”

Sydney-based queer-pop artist Yen Strange moved out from her hometown of Moruya to try and be a part of the larger Australian music scene, eventually finding her feet as a solo artist who draws from emo, pop and anthemic rock. Her latest single “Go Away,” created with a metaphor-heavy music video, is quite clearly about cutting people out of her life and running away from old versions of herself.

clide “Come Over”

Berlin singer-songwriter clide trudges along about heartbreak on “come over,” a single off his recent EP feelings. The swirling, guitar-aided track stays true to the theme of being vulnerable. He says in a statement, “It’s a really pure song where I tried to express the thoughts and feelings that were running around my head at the time. I like the song so much, because it’s so honest and real, and I hope others can feel that too.”

DubFX and Temple Step “Spirit Animal”

Australian veteran DJ and producer Temple Step calls on fellow countryman and seasoned artist Dub FX for the groovy, chasmic and journeying new song “Spirit Animal.” DubFX’s vocals are measured and sublime, going over layered beat production. The song is taken from DJ-producer David Starfire’s curated compilation album Portals which represents global bass music, dubstep, house and more seismic electronic music.

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Georgia Feroce “Maybe It’s Not You”

Los Angeles-based indie artist Georgia Feroce cuts through the clutter with a resolute rock riff on “Maybe It’s Not You,” off her debut full-length album Moon Signs (out on October 29th). The pace slows and picks up throughout the song about fear and self-doubt when a relationship goes south. She says in a statement about her upcoming record, “I wanted to focus on moon signs, though, because they deal with your inner self and your emotions, and that’s exactly what songs are, they come from your emotions, not necessarily what you present to the world.”

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