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Global Artists Spotlight: Erockfor, Jvanz, Gal Musette and More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Erockfor, Jvanz, Gal Musette and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Jvanz – “Reach Into Myself”

Canadian artist Jvanz’s new dancey single “Reach Into Myself” is sure to get you off your feet with its bopping beats and catchy feel. While the song is upbeat sonically, lyrically it holds a much deeper meaning. The artist said in a statement, “The song was written in my perspective from my experience of realizing I only appreciate the outer shell of what I’m looking at, but never feel fulfilled. Only recently I’ve realized one’s true beauty and energy lies within and sometimes we need to ‘reach into ourselves’ to find that.” 

Gal Musette – “Julia”

U.S.-based French-inspired indie-pop artist Gal Musette’s new song “Julia” is a poignant piano escape with a beautiful chord structure and heavenly vocals. The fresh track also comes accompanied by a music video. The artist said about the clip in a statement, “The video is a desolate ghost story about a woman who finds pleasure in her melancholy and loneliness while she looks for and finds play with a woman who may or may not be her, another woman or exist as a physical being at all.”

Erockfor – “Heart”

Canadian-Cameroonian artist Erockfordelivers a melancholic and expressive performance on her new moody single “Heart.” The song is filled with interesting percussion patterns, a soulful guitar solo as well as the singer’s resolute vocals and more. In a statement, she said, “The song is inspired by the heart chakra and it is yet another step in my healing journey. There was once a time when I didn’t fully love myself. Now, my love for self is unconditional. The chorus is a literal love letter to self. So hopefully, listeners can sing along and mean every word.”

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PRiiCE – “Sunflower”

Irish alt-pop duo PRiiCE brings the funk on their debut single “Sunflower.” With a four-to-the-floor drum groove, the song shines with a juxtaposition of catchy melodies and indulgent production techniques. The pair said in a statement, “’Sunflower’ came together really quickly and became a real turning point for us in terms of the music we had been writing.”

Haley Joelle – “Goodwill”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Haley Joelle sings about moving on from a relationship on the emotional “Goodwill.” The song includes passionate lyrics while piano, guitar and string parts add to the song. Joelle said in a statement, “I wrote ‘Goodwill’ when I had just moved to L.A. after living in Norway for a year. Everything in my life was moving forward, but I was still trying to move on from my first love. I got rid of all the evidence of us, but the last step was taking the time I needed to heal. It was only when I posted the song on TikTok in late 2020 that I realized how many people resonated with it. It’s still the song I get the most messages about, so I’m excited to finally give my fans what they’ve been asking for.”

Kara Connolly – “Roses”

Los Angeles artist Kara Connolly blends quiet contemplation and euphoria on her latest pop song “Roses.” Following up the widely streamed “Something More,” Connolly sings about freedoms and finding beauty in everyday life, over cheery guitars and pop arrangement. “I wanted to capture that sort of freedom that can feel elusive to me and remind myself that life isn’t always about getting ahead and constant progress, even though I am naturally very ambitious,” she says in a statement.

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Loose Ends – Tell God You Were Framed EP

Texas-based pop-punk/alt-rock quartet Loose Ends keep things steady and fist-tight on their new EP Tell God You Were Framed. Mirroring a style reminiscent of rock bands like Yellowcard and Blink-182, Loose Ends are emphatic and arena-ready on songs like “Wolves” and “Last Call for Moderation” and “Love in Heartache.”

Killercatz, Axol, Veronica Bravo – “Make You Mine”

Italian duo Killercatz – which comprises Axol aka Victor Anfray and 10Q aka Elia Gobbi – channel sprightly rock in their new single “Make You Mine,” which also features Veronica Bravo. The song indicates a renewed shift in pop music towards alt-rock styles, perhaps encouraged by similarly successful outings by artists like Machine Gun Kelly.  

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