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Global Artists Spotlight: Euan Allison, Sydney Ross Mitchell, Mega Ran and Super Smack And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Euan Allison, Sydney Ross Mitchell, Mega Ran and Super Smack and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

Miranda Joan – “Dans Ma Poche”

Canadian neo-soul artist Miranda Joan’s latest offering is the nu-disco track “Dans Ma Poche.” The song’s four to the floor rhythm juxtaposed with Joan’s punchy vocals will surely get you off your feet and into a dance. She said in a statement, “It turned into this electronic bop when producer J3P0 got his hands on it. I was born in Montréal and am an avid pastry consumer so I’m excited to finally put out a track in French that is also a nod to one of the great passions in my life: baked goods. This song is an ode to every croissant-loving, pastry packing, dance floor crusher! May you eat well and party on.”

Peter Wise – “Neutral”

New York-based singer-songwriter Peter Wise touches on the ability a person, or a relationship can have on pushing you out of a rut on his new pop-rock single “Neutral.” He said in a statement, “We’ve all had people or experiences in our lives that have this dramatic ability to shift our course for the better, and I wrote this song to focus around that concept.” The track includes a mellifluous melody as well as rocky drums and grainy guitar parts.

Strawberry Launch – Strawberry Launch

Hailing from New York, indie-psychedelic band Strawberry Launch gets quite ethereal on their recently released six-track eponymous EP. The record features hypnotic songs such as “Crystal Eyes” and “Sophie” while the band also lightens up the mood with saccharine offerings such as “She” and “Fork.” There’s plenty for everyone to appreciate from this young band.

$tevoxcv, David Meli – “Hypnotized”

Hot on the heels of the release of the Afro-infused rap song, “Long,” emerging London rapper $tevoxcv has returned with a brand-new single featuring David Meli. On the chill rap record, both artists reflect on the influence of a bewitching lady on them. Introduced by smooth riffs, the production by Beatzbydb matches the rhythm in Stevoxcv’s witty, raunchy, and braggadocious verses. Meli adds his tantalizing touch to the song through the enchanting hook powered by his silky voice which has the potential to reel listeners in. “Hypnotized” is a mellow single fit for a breezy summer drive.

Rob Marr – Book Of Man

U.K.-based writer, musician and public health consultant Rob Marr is known for penning thought-provoking songs about everyday life that captivate listeners and pull them into a world all of his own making. He’s done just that on his new album Book Of Man. With hip-hop inspired drums and groovy, melodic, rhythmic bass, to classically influenced piano and jazz harmonies, the album takes you on a journey of discovery through a mesmerizing musical landscape. From start to finish, Book of Man is an emotional and rewarding listening experience.

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Cloudy Galvez – “Warmth”

London singer-songwriter Cloudy Galvez’s new track peaceful track “Warmth” covers themes that are relatable to us all during this pandemic, as gentle piano parts and Galvez’s angelic vocals carry the track. The artist said in a statement, “’Warmth’ is about what it’s like to watch everyone around you happy and healthy, meanwhile you’re a slave to the icy grip of chronic illness. It’s about frustration, anxiety, jealousy, and all the other ups and downs that come with being unwell. You can either get lost in that, or you can hope that one day, you’ll be better, and do everything you can to work towards that. One day, you’ll thaw.’”

Sydney Ross Mitchell – “Altitude”

U.S.-based artist Sydney Ross Mitchell delivers a poignant new single in the shape of the calming “Altitude.” The track features gentle guitar parts while Mitchell’s blissful vocals fill the track. In a statement, she said, “’Altitude’ was written as a means of catharsis; it is an attempt for me to cope not only with heartbreak but with fear as well.”

Joe August – Modern Sound of Quiet

Seattle’s own guitarist-vocalist Joe August recently released his 12-track debut album Modern Sound of Quiet. The record is a nod to August’s influences; classic Sixties psych-rock with modern lyricism and production techniques. In a social media statement, the artist said, “Releasing a full album has been my dream since I was 10 years old, and nothing can change the way I feel in this moment. I’m so very proud that this collection of 12 songs capture the mixed emotions of growing up… hope, fear, love, depression, anxiety, renewal, anger, confusion, doubt and everything in between.”

Mega Ran and Super Smack – “Black X Gold (BXG)”

Phoenix-based hip-hop artist Super Smack teams up with fellow hip-hopper Mega Ran on the inspirational “Black X Gold (BXG).” The groovy track discusses both the Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate movements and focuses on uplifting and unifying both communities during the current times. Super Smack said in a statement, “We realized that even though it was great the hashtags were trending, we thought that the discourse out there was missing something important. It seemed hard for people to talk about how these struggles and movements overlap and intertwine — nobody seemed ready to talk about the real tensions that exist between Black and Asian communities.”

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Dunx – “I Land at Sea”

Irish-born singer-songwriter Dunx recently released his new dreamy desert-rock single “I Land at Sea.” The track includes distorted guitar parts, some beautiful piano work, a slick arrangement as well as Dunx’s breathy vocals. In a statement, he said, “It is basically a song about home, belonging and finding your place in the world. It also touches on spirituality and likens the physical sense of belonging to a spiritual one.”

Euan Allison – “Fatherhood”

Scottish producer and singer-songwriter Euan Allison has been so far releasing seismic electronic music under the moniker MAGNUS, but his latest song under his own name is the emotive, piano-pop tune “Fatherhood.” The comforting single (appropriately about parenthood) follows Allison’s big hits as MAGNUS, including “Cool” and Colors EP.

Eyedress – Mulholand Drive

Filipino indie artist Eyedress has been inching closer to worldwide recognition with every release and his latest album Mulholland Drive is the one that ought to seal the deal. Featuring assists from acclaimed London artist King Krule (“Chad An Gordy”), New York trio Triathalon (“Prada”) and more, there’s weird, ominous synth-powered alternative music that’s a weird but wonderful journey.

Imanbek and LP – “Fighter”

Kazakh producer Imanbek – often known for his hit remix of Saint JHN’s “Roses” that ruled 2020 – teams up with American singer LP for their shimmering, vulnerable new dance track “Fighter.” There’s a little bit of guitar action, but “Fighter” prominently stays in the bass-driven electronic music space.

Alice Goes To Motherland – “Peek-A-Boo”

Smashing together slick, fist-tight rock rhythms reminiscent of the early 2000s and swerving trap beats during the verse, Russian act Alice Goes To Motherland’s new song “Peek-A-Boo” may not have anything too in-depth in terms of lyrics but it does serve up an eye-catching music video.

Mikaela Finne – Time Stands Still

Born in Vaasa in Finland and currently based in Stockholm, singer-songwriter Mikaela Finne also pledges allegiance to the country music hub of Nashville Tennessee and that’s heard on her new album Time Stands Still. Produced by Brady Blade, there’s a bit of alt-rock, country, Americana and blues across eight tracks, including standout songs like “What If I” and “Outlaw Women.” 


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