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Global Artists Spotlight: Featuring Cecilia Gault, Johnny Ashby, Tessa Kaye And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Johnny Ashby, Cecilia Gault, Tessa Kaye and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

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Lalalow – “Sensory Deprivation”

Finnish electro-pop duo Lalalow, comprising vocalist-keyboardist Nina Jackson and guitarist-bassist Tommi Laivamaa recently released their hypnotic new single “Sensory Deprivation.” The track stems from the feeling of not being able to use one’s senses and narrates the story of isolation while dreamy synths and industrial electronic elements glide over smoky vocals.  

Johnny Ashby – “Getting Started”

U.K.-bred and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Johnny Ashby blends indie-rock goodness alongside country elements and dizzy vocals to bring his new track “Getting Started” to life. The song includes a gradual build as Ashby sings about current affairs and the need for change.

Yndling – “Childish Fear”

Dream pop Norwegian artist Silje Espevik aka Yndling’s debut single “Childish Fear” is a moody yet magical listen. The musician’s haunting yet playful vocals sit beautifully alongside fresh and invigorating soundscapes. Talking about her first release, Yndling says, “I wanted to communicate a mood or a feeling with the song that evolves and becomes more consuming as the track unfolds.”

Tommy Newport – Ultra Mango

Born in Manchester, England, singer-songwriter Tommy Newport moved to the U.S. as a kid. Now settled in Wichita, Kansas, the musician has seen a meteoric rise since debuting in 2018. Recently, Newport dropped his latest EP, the six-track Ultra Mango. The record features a lot of funky instrumentation, groovy bass lines, pop influences and more.

Mimoza – “Young Queen”

Los Angeles-based pop artist Mimoza pays homage to her home country Kosovo and her Albanian roots on her latest uplifting song “Young Queen.” The powerhouse vocalist also pays tribute to mothers who have raised their daughters to conquer life with passion and determination. The pop anthem bursts with soulful vocal tones, dynamism, bold instrumentation as well as Mimoza’s versatile vocal range.

Tessa Kaye – “Smile More”

Hailing from Philadelphia originally, Los Angeles-based Tessa Kaye cooks up an alt R&B offering with her latest track “Smile More.” Through the song, the pop artist “speaks to the double standard of how men and women have been allowed to express themselves in society.” She adds, “It’s a weird, ridiculous expectation people place on women, to look pleasant 100 percent of the time.” “Smile More” includes soulful vocals, warm textures and tasty harmonies.  

KINIDA – “Muri Apa”

English-Korean multimedia artist KINIDA taps into her own experience of heartbreak on her newest song “Muri Apa.” The title of the track means headache in Korean and pinpoints thoughts that cross people’s minds during long term relationships. While the song includes soulful and jazz elements, the track’s accompanying video is a symbolic representation and introduction to her as an artist.

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IOTA PHI – “Wolves Mate For Life”

Greek experimental-pop artist IOTA PHI aka Ilia Darlin showcases stunningly emotive vocals on her fresh track “Wolves Mate For Life.” The track includes atmospheric soundscapes as well as harmonies that resemble wolves howling. The song’s music video features artistic visuals of Darlin standing in the ocean while footage of wolves cut between scenes.

Cecilia Gault – “Nothing”

U.S.-bred Irish-Japanese pop artist Cecilia Gault recently dropped her crooning new single “Nothing.” Gault is known for juxtaposing her cultural identity with Japanese and English lyrics. On the latest track, the artist ties together trap beats and dreamy soundscapes while her sensual vocals aid the song. The musician has also released a steamy visualizer to accompany the song.  

Jaquell – “All Goes Bad”

Harlem, New York hip-hop artist Jaquell recently dropped a striking visual for his 2020 track “All Goes Bad” off the 10-track Enter the Portal. In the smoky 85-second clip, the rapper drops bars about reliable friends amidst purple hues while dressed in a hoodie.

BABY YORS – “Like a Gun”

Argentinian-born Baby Yors showcases a free-spirited pop-rock anthem with “Like a Gun.” There’s slithering guitar parts as well as lyrics in English and Spanish while the song’s video – shot in New York – showcases Baby Yors dancing passionately. The artist says, “I’ve never had the opportunity to so boldly show not only my musicality but my physicality, too, while addressing sex head-on. This pushed boundaries for me, and I hope it pushes boundaries for others.”

Daniel Javan – “feel the same” (feat. Sølace)

17-year-old Swedish guitarist-pianist and producer Daniel Javan traverses melodic electronica with his new track “feel the same,” featuring Croatian artist Sølace. The song’s tame vocals and relaxed approached make for a calming listen. In a statement on social media, Javan said, “Fun fact about the song, I actually got the whole idea and finished writing the lyrics, melodies, etc while taking a shower after school.”

Old Selves – Two Minds EP

Yorkshire metal act Old Selves have wrecking ball intent with their riffs on their latest EP Two Minds. Their debut EP – released on the first day of the new year — twists and turns in ways you rarely expect, with Southern rock-inflected harmonics on the title track, shred work on “Population,” slamming beatdowns on “444,” one of their staples and the tantalizing “Seat in the Hall.” It’s angst-fueled modern metal that doesn’t forget to have fun.

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The Disparrows – “Sorry”

Formed in 2010, American band The Disparrows was co-founded by guitarist-vocalist Daniel Weber and bassist Stephen Tecci. While Weber may have gained fame for being actor/model Sunny Leone’s husband, he’s a steadfast rocker as well, teaming up with singer-songwriter Annie Bosko for “Sorry,” a bluesy rock tune off their upcoming album Wasting Time. Weber adds about the song, “We live in a world now where we think that words no longer hold the weight that they do but they actually do especially when we say them to a loved one. The video itself represents the words literally.”

DejaVilla, MadStarBase, Runkus – “Gravy”

Indian duo MadStarBase make their debut on Ultra Music with a seductive tropical tune that takes them to Jamaica with producer-singer duo DejaVilla and reggae artist Runkus. “Gravy” is that chunky blend of hip-hop, Afrobeat and reggae that is supplied with an equally delectable and innuendo-heavy music video.

Leon Marshall – “Nobody Better”

Based out of the British town of Harrogate, singer-songwriter Leon Marshall clearly has a penchant for twinkly, heartwarming songs ever since he released his debut EP Feel the Rain in 2017. His latest release, the easygoing love song “Nobody Better,” references everyone from former U.S. President Barack Obama to Yoko Ono. The song is released on London-based label and publisher The Animal Farm.

Earlybird – “Ombre Noire”

Beirut-bred, Valencia-based producer Earlybird aka Dana Fakhoury defied the odds of being told she could never perform music due to medical conditions such as tendinitis. Finding the right treatment to alleviate chronic pain, Earlybird was created by Fakhoury – a Berklee College of Music (Valencia) postgraduate degreed holder – as a triumphant yet tranquil outlet for chill electronic music. Her latest music video “Ombre Noire” is taken from her debut solo EP Soft Colors.

Koven – Butterfly Effect

Koven’s producer-vocalist duo Max Rowat and Katie Boyle released their latest album Butterfly Effect last year on Canadian heavyweight label Monstercat. Koven deliver power-packed, journeying electronic music that’s elevated by Boyle’s commanding soul-pop vocals. Butterfly Effect introduces itself with 14 tracks that clock in at just about 50 minutes.

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