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Global Artists Spotlight: Fia Nyxx, Skylar Lee, KTJ & CARLY And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Artists (from left) Fia Nyxx, Skylar Lee and KTJ & CARLY. Photos: Courtesy of the artists

Fia Nyxx – Red Umbrella

Los Angeles-based artist Fia Nyxx’s new eight-track album Red Umbrella features R&B melodies and dynamic, sultry vocals with jazzy harmonies, infectious string synths and bouncy basslines. Nyxx delivers a powerful sonic juxtaposition between sounds, lyrics and textures throughout the record and said in a statement, “Red Umbrella is the safe space, the coming home, the vulnerable truth.  I want to invite anyone who is weathering the storm to come in from the rain and join me under the red umbrella as we brave along the path less traveled.”

Heather LaRose – “Party Girl Tears”

U.S.-based singer-songwriter Heather LaRose latest offering is the moody “Party Girl Tears.” The track showcases the artist’s infectious vocals amidst solid production and is about the de-glamorization of the Hollywood party scene. In a statement, LaRose said, “I sat on a couch in the middle of a living room [with] people watching. I knew some of the people in the room and understood their stories and how they were fighting a sense of brokenness as well and I had a cup filled with something that I mixed next to me as I started typing away at the lyrics.”

Skylar Lee – “Hotel in a Hurry”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Skylar Lee’s newest is the poignant ballad “Hotel in a Hurry.” The track features elegant piano parts as Lee’s impeccable vocal performance carries the song. According to a statement, the song “explores the heartbreak of not realizing what you had with someone until it’s too late.”

KTJ & CARLY – “Daddy’s Little Lawyer”

U.S.-based duo KTJ & CARLY are unapologetic on their new pop-punk single “Daddy’s Little Lawyer.” The song includes crunchy distorted guitars, heavy drums as well as the pair’s slick vocals that come wrapped in a damning message, rife with frustration and resentment.

Sue DJ, bKid – “Sold Love”

Blending slap house with hip-hop and pop sounds, Sue DJ channels personal experiences and heavy-hearted emotions on her latest song “Sold Love,” an all-out dancefloor banger. Released via TheSoul Music, the track is dominated by house beats even as the artist sings about the struggle of selling out.

Geneviève Racette – Satellite

Montreal-origin singer-songwriter Geneviève Racette has released her third full-length album Satellite, offering up stories of “discovery and reflection through the cycle of love.” Over quietened folksy arrangements, the artist bears her heart going from strength to strength. “Hostage” and “Maybe” have an atmospheric pop element, while the French song “Les adieux” is finessed, emotive pop at its best. She even gets an assist from City and Colour aka Dallas Green on the song “Someone,” a melancholic, folksy duet.

Flames Of Durga – “Darkest Hour”

In smokey, rattling hard rock fashion, Los Angeles act Flames Of Durga – comprising sisters Béah and Cecilia Romero and drummer Nate Million – launch their latest single “Darkest Hour.” Part of their upcoming self-titled full-length album, “Darkest Hour” stomps through with visceral glee. “The lyrics I’m like a flower that blooms in the dark are a deep metaphor for thriving by surviving darker times. Not just getting through it, but becoming stronger and more beautiful because of it,” singer/bassist Cecilia says.

Jahi – “Don’t Go”

With a choppy kind of delivery and production to back him, American artist Jahi Daniels brings an intriguing flow to his latest single “Don’t Go.” The 25-year-old digs into a hip-hop hook but also layers over smooth, memorable R&B vocals. In the video, Daniels is seen pleading for more time with his partner, with warm results.

ROW, Usually Quiet and Jimini – “Good Moments”

Previously behind the scenes as an event and artist manager, ROW was also a singer. The pandemic allowed him to restart his musical ambitions and his latest single is “Good Moments,” featuring Berlin producer Usually Quiet aka Rob Rox and singer-songwriter Jimini. The result is uplifting electronic music that could get anyone moving.


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