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Global Artists Spotlight: Finnegan Tui, Godly the Ruler, Marl0 And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Artists (from left) Finnegan Tui, Godly the Ruler. Photos: Jordan Curtis Huges; Sawyer Brice

Finnegan Tui – Zephyr

New Zealand-bred singer-songwriter and producer Finnegan Tui recently released his deeply atmospheric seven-track EP Zephyr. The record is rooted in dark folk sounds, hauntingly beautiful lyrics and melodies, as well as the artist’s low and captivating voice. In a statement, the musician said, “I gave everything, all of me is, in this EP. My desire, fear, stories and failings are all here. I worked on Zephyr with my best friends, family, my childhood heroes and a wonderful team who poured all their passion into this project. I hope there is something wild and alive in here for people.”

Godly the Ruler – “midwest”

U.S. artist Godly the Ruler’s newest offering is the hard-hitting pop-punk-meets-hip-hop banger “midwest.” The track includes punchy beats, distortion, fiery rhymes and an overall high-octane energy. A press statement said, “[The song’s] themes, aside from the blistering musicianship, are simultaneously vulnerable and bitingly assertive. As a first-generation Nigerian immigrant, with family spread the world over, Godly’s no stranger to making art about a search for identity and representation. And on ‘midwest,’ the search is close to home, as they rebel against the normalcy and simplicity of life in a midwest American town.”

Eslam Jawaad, Seidosimba, Didine Canon 16, Stylo G, Shahyn – “Styla Jamaiki”

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The ARXP Cartel, a supergroup of sorts comprising star artists from the Middle East and North Africa, assemble for their glitzy debut single “Styla Jamaiki,” an all-out club banger out via PopArabia. With Algerian rapper Didine Canon16, Egyptian artist Shahyn, Sudan’s Seidosimba, and Syrian/Lebanese rap pioneer Elsam Jawaad, the ARXP Cartel also have a special guest in Jamaican dancehall artist Stylo G, with the reggae-leaning track produced by Gary Burke. Didine Cannon said in his statement, “The time is now for the Middle East and North African artists to unite and go global.” Shahyn added, “There are no borders when making music, period. The region holds many flavors and sounds and with the right exposure, right collaborations and real vision, Arab artists can be mapping out the next generation of global artists.”

Marl0 – “Time Will Tell”

London-based artist Marl0 aka Marlo Richards traversed Los Angeles to Seattle as he began writing what became his latest single, “Time Will Tell.” Detailing his first heartbreak with a bittersweet, but wisdom-bearing sense of melancholic rock, the artist sings, “Feeling sad and that’s okay/ We all go through those sort of days/ Time will tell.” He added in a statement, “This song is really about maintaining hope when everything seems to be falling apart, and feeling sad or angry is okay because everything is temporary and in time, you will be fine.” 

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