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Global Artists Spotlight: Geena Kaye, Aymos, Rachel Bochner And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Geena Kaye, Aymos, Rachel Bochner and more. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Alex Lyon (Bochner)

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Geena Kaye – “Blisters”

Germany/U.S. singer-songwriter Geena Kaye is at her running best in the new music video for her pop track “Blisters” off her recently released seven-track EP Dreamed I Was You, Dreaming Of Me. “Blisters” includes Kaye’s harmonious voice in a variety of layers while a moody groove and an upbeat chorus draw you in. Talking about the EP as a whole, Kaye said in a statement, “All of the songs on this EP feel like a cathartic release, the way you might feel dancing in a club full of strangers to your favorite song with tears streaming down your face, or kissing someone you’ve been wanting to kiss for months for the first time. This EP is my reality, grounded in a dream.”

Rachel Bochner – “ghosted my therapist”

New York City-based artist Rachel Bochner has created an anthem for 20-somethings navigating the realities of growing up with her latest pop song “ghosted my therapist.” With driving guitar parts, harmonies and electronic elements, Bochner’s silky vocals stand out.

Aymos – Yimi Lo

South African artist Aymos’ new album Yimi Loincludeslush melodies, soulful Afropop sensibilities, and Aymos’ sublime vocal performances. Speaking about the inspiration behind Yimi Lo, which translates to “this is who I am,” Aymos said in a statement, “The music on this album is inspired by my years so far in the industry and all the ups and downs I experienced to get here.”

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Dolly Dagger – “Break and Bend”

Australia-born, Los Angeles-based artist Dolly Dagger creates a warm yet melancholic blend on her new song “Break and Bend” that surely belongs as much in the late Nineties as it does in today’s rock scape. From the charged-up vocal layers to the swirling guitar lines – and not to forget the heavy nostalgia value present in the music video – Dolly Dagger opines on the mechanical nature of 21st century living.

Mel Ody – Falling Apart EP

Athens, Greece-bred producer Mel Ody’s debut EP Falling Apart – released via Lacuna Records – pushes forward in the shimmering, sublime direction of grandiose electronic music. Across four tracks, Mel Ody teams up with Like Lions, plus Stephen Geisler for songs like “Bitter Pill,” “Hanging My Heart” and “One More Time.”

Ramaj Eroc – “I’m Me”

Chicago-bred, L.A.-based hip-hop artist Ramaj Eroc tackles a tender piano-informed beat to talk about his realest, somber experiences that shaped his individuality on his latest single “I’m Me.” The rapper says in a statement, “Just be yourself. Be yourself in the most positive capacity possible. If we all can do that without harming ourselves and/or others, imagine how much better the world would be.”

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Paper Skies & Ehallz & Beatcore – “Back Together” (feat. Veronica Bravo)

Toronto producer Paper Skies, Los Angeles’ Ehallz aka Ethan Hallerman and Florida-based, Austrian producer Beatcore join hands to craft a seismic and euphoric new song called “Back Together,” featuring vocals from Veronica Bravo. “For many of us, creating is an escape or even a therapy vent and for me the process of writing this particular song was definitely one of those moments,” Bravo says about the track in her description online.

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