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Global Artists Spotlight: Gianna Alessi, Moshe Reuven, MCK and More  

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

New York artist Gianna Alessi. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Gianna Alessi – “Lover For The Week” 

New York native Gianna Alessi brings out a classy R&B and soul sound with her latest release, the lush “Love For The Week.” The track includes a tight bass groove accompanied with subtle keyboard work, horn parts as well as Alessi’s honeyed vocals. In a statement, she said, “’Lover For The Week’ resides within the blurred line between attraction and alignment where the future of a romance remains unclear, infused with west coast references and an undeniably zenned-out feel.”  

Ari Dayan – “Ashley” 

Los Angeles pop artist Ari Dayan pulls no punches on her latest pop-rock track “Ashley.” The upbeat song features dance-y production, heavy synths, Dayan’s sugary vocals and more. Talking about the new song, the artist said in a statement, “I was having a bit of a scroll on my ex’s Instagram where I discovered my muse for ‘Ashley.’ She’s a total babe, which made me fucking hate her. She’s a model, a DJ and an ‘actress.’ Guess she’s playing two truths and a lie in her bio section. I zeroed in on all the ways she was better than me and all the ways I was better than her. It’s easier to hate the new woman when your heart is in pieces. ’Ashley’ is a song about an asshole and there’s a distinct possibility that, that asshole is me.” 

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Moshe Reuven, Julian Marley – “Say” 

Florida-born, New Jersey-based artist Moshe Reuven is among those still championing Hasidic hip-hop with his life-affirming, uplifting music. His latest song “Say,” featuring an appropriately euphoric hook by reggae artist Julian Marley, addresses the U.S.’s political turmoil and takes stock of his personal life as well. Having previously released his single “You Are Not Alone” in 2020, “Say” is Reuven’s second single, a track he’ll support with a performance at the Chosen Comedy Fest on August 16th in Coney Island. 

Aidan Carroll – “Force Field”  

Los Angeles-based artist Aidan Carroll has been behind the scenes as a touring artist and producer for quite a few years, but he’s now got his sights on being a solo artist. The first glimpse of that arrives with his shimmering synth-funk pop new single “Force Field.” With swirling psychedelic flourishes in the mix, Carroll sings about “these walls that you create in your mind.” He adds in his statement, “You could have a fear of falling, but that safe place isn’t going to necessarily pick you up if you do fall. It’s about conquering those walls, breaking free of your safe zone and normal habits, and letting people see more of you every time.”  

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MCK – “Tunnel Vision”  

New Zealand singer-songwriter MCK aka Mckenzie Comer, who has been releasing music since 2018, is building up to her debut album Becoming with singles along the way. “Tunnel Vision” is dressed up in a simple guitar melody that eventually elevates into subtle, atmospheric production, as MCK sings about making an effort despite the odds. Previously, MCK released the more upbeat “Paragraphs,” addressing the all-too-universal problem of sending out “risky texts.”  

Andy Clockwise – “Gonna Get it” 

Sydney-born, Los Angeles-based musician Andy Clockwise combines his live for opera, disco, new wave and post-punk into a dance-y indie rock track “Gonna Get It.” At seven minutes, the artist certainly intends to keep those feet moving, as the song shifts shape in pace and mood, becoming almost haunting. He says about the music video, “‘Cause nobody was available, we shot a video with friends and found the rest of the footage to make a pastiche about how distracted we all are. It goes on for seven minutes by the way. If you are naturally distracted, it may not be for you.”  


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