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Global Artists Spotlight: Giant Walker, BAINS., Shajr and More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Anurag Tagat May 18, 2022

(Clockwise from top left) Tokyo Rose, Skum, Harley Bird, Giant Walker and Bains. Photos: Courtesy of the artist

Ahmed Khan x Arjun – “Daily”

Belgium-bred Punjabi singer-songwriter Ahmed Khan teams up with British-Asian artist Arjun for the R&B meets hip-hop song “Daily,” which showcases the multilingual crossover potential of Asian-origin artists. The sultry song brings on the charm from both the artists who are seen in the most opulent settings. Khan states in a press release, “It is a fusion of three languages together on a hard-hitting trap beat, and all flows very naturally. I can’t think of another song out there at the moment which can capture a mood or a vibe like that. Collaborating with Arjun was such an honor, he added his own signature sound to the track, and really complimented it with his soulful vocals.”

Giant Walker – All In Good Time

Newcastle, U.K. prog rock/metallers Giant Walkers deliver thunderous riffs and shuddering heavy music on their new album All In Good Time. They first caught our attention with the song “The Fact in Fiction” last year and the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint in the least. Powered by djent as well as modern rock elements, Giant Walker levels up with songs like “Katoomba” and “Left to Wreck,” exuding great dynamism. Vocalist Steff Fish said in a statement that the songs off All In Good Time were waiting to be released for nearly two years. “We’re so happy with every single song. They’ve almost taken on their own personality and each one brings something slightly different to the album sonically. Whilst the current music industry is very focused on singles, we’ve personally always loved being immersed in an album from start to finish, and so this was something we were very keen to capture with our first release,” she adds.

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Shajr – “Insaanity”

While the whole world has gone gaga for Coke Studio releases from Pakistan, there’s still plenty emerging from its independent music space. Karachi Prog act Shajr go wild with their calculating brand of metal, the finessed djent drawing from Monuments and Animals As Leaders, led by Urdu vocals by Yasal Zehra and heavy-duty riff dueling between Sherjeel O’Neil and Jahangir Hashmi. Bassist Adeel Tahir also features on the track, which ends about as unpredictably as it began.

SKUM, Harley Bird, Tokyo Rose – “Power Lines”

Stockholm producer duo Skum bring in Los Angeles-bred vocalist Harley Bird and millions-streamed artist Tokyo Rose for a surging blend of darkwave, EDM and pop on their single “Power Lines.” Crafted from familiar build-ups and drops, the collaborators bring in a distinct adrenaline-fueled energy to the song, which is released via label Lacuna.

BAINS. – “Feel Awful”

Punjabi-Canadian, Los Angeles-based singer-producer BAINS. wrangles with past decisions and actions on his buoyant hip-hop single “Feel Awful.” With a trippy music video to go with it, BAINS. offers a look inside his troubled mind and closes with a glimpse of his upcoming album Punch Drunk and its title track. A description for the song states, “This is a self-produced song, and was recorded in a basement during the pandemic. After the story the first single/video told, we now find BAINS. at a low point (contrasting with the beautiful backdrop of Malibu) ruminating over past mistakes and time lost. This song is very much about his love/hate relationship with alcohol, something that plagues the South Asian community that he was born and raised in.”

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