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Global Artists Spotlight: Gloson, Angelic Montero, Tom Ashbrook

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

Anurag Tagat Oct 25, 2021

(Clockwise from top left) Heidrunna, Tom Ashbrook, Angelic Montero, Stephane Deschezeaux. Photos: Courtesy of the artist

Heidrunna – “Borderline”

Reykjavik, Iceland artist Heidrunna leads her thumping, synth-pop, hook-filled single “Borderline,” which released last week. In her sleek voice, Heidrunna sings in a saccharine fashion about the complications in matters of the heart. She says in a statement, “A friend of mine was going through a hard time in a relationship and didn’t know how to let go. Borderline is about that feeling when you need to do the right thing and have a clean break, even though you know it’s fucked up and that’s the best option for you but you just can’t see the wood from the trees.”

Angelic Montero – “9 Times Outta 10”

With a full team of songwriters and producers on her side, Miami-bred, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Angelic Montero delivers bilingual pop hits that make her one to watch. Among her latest singles is “9 Times Outta 10,” an impassioned, fast-paced song that combines her style of R&B meets Latin meets pop, complete with sugarcoated vocals in English and Spanish.

Stèphane Deschezeaux – “Make It Better”

A veteran of the nu-disco and funk style for over 20 years, French producer Stèphane Deschezeaux also runs an independent label called Springbok Records. His latest single “Make It Better,” however, comes via Indian label Dynamite Disco Club. Instantly groovy with its rubbery basslines and exuberant vocals, it’s everything you want from a dancefloor-friendly song.

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Gloson – “Impetus”

Swedish post-metal/sludge band Gloson scale horrific depths and stomp through the riffs with cathartic intent on “Impetus,” their first release via Indie Recordings. Formed in 2012, the four-member band will release the follow-up to their 2017 debut album Grimen in 2022 and we’re hoping it’s as bone-crushing as “Impetus” forewarns.

Victor Brodin – “Battle In My Head”

Swedish singer-songwriter Victor Brodin began putting out his music in 2016, making bigger leaps in terms of listenership and acclaim with songs like “Dance With Me” in 2017 and “Wake My Emotions” in 2018. His latest is a breathy electronic/pop-rock tune called “Battle In My Head,” produced by Ludwig Algovik. Released via Lacuna records, Brodin in confessional and escapist in his lyrics.

JAIDPIT, Mazze, Gabzzz – “’Cause Your Love”

Producers JAIDPIT and Mazze intersperse ambient verses by singer Gabzzz aka Gabriela Lara with seismic, glitched-out bass music drops on their latest collaboration “’Cause Your Love.” They weave in and out of chaotic electronic rhythms but close out with a somber piano melody.

Tom Ashbrook – “Solitudes” (Live at Parr Street Studios)

Electronic and neo-classical producer Tom Ashbrook takes his place behind the piano for a rousing, mind-bending instrumental music experience on his latest live recording “Solitudes.” Tracked as the last ever session at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, Ashbrook is joined by guitarists Dan McIntyre and Mike Halls, violinist Ciara Ismail, cellist Evelyn Halls and drummer Dave Ormsby for a sublime performance fit into about 17 minutes. “It felt such a privilege to record there with my best friends as the last ever session before it closed its doors. The live video is a microcosm of the album and concept ‘Solitudes,’” Ashbrook said in a statement.

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Giant Walker – “The Fact In Fiction”

Newcastle, U.K.-based prog rock band Giant Walker – formed out of another band called XERO – deliver emphatic, airy and heavy music in the vein of Aussie band Karnivool and more on their debut single “The Fact In Fiction.” As far as first impressions go, “The Fact In Fiction” is a downcast but powerful way for Giant Walker to open their account.

Dead Soma – “Discouragement”

Taking a page from the book of fellow Swedish metal veterans Meshuggah, there’s a visceral, seemingly incalculable rhythmic intensity contained within mathcore trio Dead Soma. Featuring session vocalist Dennis Kare Andersson shredding his vocal chords, Dead Soma’s second single “Discouragement” rampages with a few industrial/noise flourishes for good measure.


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