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Global Artists Spotlight: INNA x Sean Paul, Kate Cosentino, Sara Rachele And More

Hear the latest from musicians around the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) INNA x Sean Paul, Kate Cosentino, Sara Rachele and more. Photos: Courtesy of Global Records (INNA); Courtesy of VH1 Supersonic (Paul); Courtesy of the artists

INNA x Sean Paul – “Up” 

Romanian dance/pop artist INNA teams up with Jamaican superstar Sean Paul for a buoyant reimagination of the former’s 2021 song “Up.” This time around, the rhythms are a nod to both Romanian as well as Caribbean traditional music, going over lyrics about a relationship in which one helps the other get through difficult phases. 

Sara Rachele – “T-T-Tonight”

Atlanta-via-Brooklyn singer-songwriter Sara Rachele’s latest single from her forthcoming album Heartstrings is the indie rock offering “T-T-Tonight.” The track features airy drums, catchy singing sections and Rachele’s honeyed vocals.

Work Wife – “Creases”

U.S. musician Work Wife recently released a sweet, vulnerable and stripped-down track entitled “Creases” which, according to the singer, is about coming to terms with the realities of dating an artist and how their art will always be their priority.

Faith Richards – I’ll Bloom When I’m Ready

U.S.-based singer Faith Richards’ 14-track full-length R&B laced debut album I’ll Bloom When I’m Ready is wrapped beautifully in elegant vocals, silky instrumentation and charming lyrics. In a statement, the artist said, “I didn’t hold back. I didn’t try to create what might be popular. I just wrote from the heart about a season in my life. I wanted to invite people into this bumpy journey through my heartbreak and my self-discovery. I’ve never felt more ready to take on life, and my career, until now.”

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Kate Cosentino – “Prettiest Girl In The Room”

American singer-songwriter Kate Cosentino’s latest single, before shifting her attention towards her forthcoming EP Note To Self, is the fun bop “Prettiest Girl In The Room.” The track comes with a groovy guitar riff, captivating vocal runs, cheeky lyrics and is an overall earworm. In a statement, the artist said, “The song was a way for me to process my own problems with body image and judgment of others. I wanted to write something that garnered empathy for anyone who never feels like the prettiest girl in the room, as well as anyone who feels no one sees them beyond their exterior.”

The Fugitives – “In Your Life”

London-based outfit The Fugitives share their first single from the upcoming album Everymen in the shape of the acoustic leaning track “In Your Life.” The song includes a steady groove, breezy vocals as well as plenty of harmonies and hooks. Through the track, the band sings about “a breakup and self-reflection.” 


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