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Global Artists Spotlight: Jayli Wolf, Karaboudjan, Cooper Phillip And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Jayli Wolf; Karaboudjan, Cooper Phillip and more. Photos: Hayden Wolf (Wolf); Courtesy of the artists

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Jayli Wolf – “Hush”

Toronto-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Jayli Wolf displays the precursor to her forthcoming EP Wild Whisper with the elegant “Hush.” Through the moody track, Wolf showcases her powerful voice as she sings about self-discovery like many in the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, coming out and coming to terms with her sexuality. The song is also accompanied by an alluring visual. Wolf says, “I hope this song brings people feelings of power and freedom in their own personal explorations.”

Peter Wise – “Window Dressing”

New York-based singer-songwriter offers a tongue in cheek track titled “Window Dressing” about staying true to one self without conforming to what other people want you to be. The bubbly song features uplifting sonic elements whereas Wise’s buttery voice carries the track. “I wrote this song two months ago after getting a stream of feedback and opinions regarding my career and how I should sound in order to be a successful artist. In response to a lot of this feedback, I was motivated to write an anti-pop song,” says Wise. The artist has also put out a colorful performance video to go with the tune.

YONAS — “Fuego”

On his latest bouncy single “Fuego,” American hip-hop artist YONAS brings out his slick rhyme, fiery verses and more over a stomping beat. The track is also the rapper’s first single off his forthcoming EP Skyfall.

Phangs – “Product Of The 90s”

Fresh from last year’s debut album Who’s Gonna Break Your Heart Tonight, Nashville alt-pop artist Phangs is now ready with a new batch of songs for his follow-up EP. The first single is the disco leaning dance number titled “Product Of The 90s” featuring singer Phoebe Ryan. The track includes heavy synths, indulgent production, tight vocal harmonies and more.

Shihori – “Fire”

New York-based singer-songwriter Shihori brings out booming drums, epic horns and an irresistible melody on the empowering EDM banger “Fire.” On the song Shihori says, “You may get beaten down, your heart may be broken, but you can rise back up and start again and again, as long as you are alive!”

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Vinok – Holy Fool

Ukraine indie rock band Vinok’s latest 11-track album Holy Fool is filled with moody textures that go from experimental rock to alt-pop as well as garage punk, pulp grunge and even hip-hop. The band’s music brings attention to problems faced by society globally.

Juniper Youth – “Full Sun”

Boston-bred power trio Juniper Youth – comprising the Davé brothers; drummer Sheel and guitarist Shan as well as vocalist Jarrett Ring deliver a wall of sound with their thuggist doom-pop rhythm section, crafty guitar work as well as soaring vocals on their crunchy debut single “Full Sun.” The band has also released a dark toned playthrough video to go with the song.

Panda$tackz – “Lyrical X Over” ft. Imvge

Chicago rapper Panda$tackz teams up with singer Imvge for a hip-hop offering that channels duos such as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre or Method Man and Redman with a Latin twist. The song includes verses in both English and Spanish as well as a smooth laidback freestyle vibe over old school beats.

Cooper Phillip – “Perfectly Original”

Russian-born and Los Angeles-based pop soul artist Cooper Phillip shines on her latest emotive ballad “Perfectly Original.” Phillip croons elegantly over beautiful piano parts as she sings about rediscovering yourself.

Bars & Melody – “Henny”

British rap duo Bars & Melody combine drill, trap and pop sounds to craft their latest single “Henny.” The song is an honest and raw reflection of their everyday lives.

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Karaboudjan – “Let Go”

Los Angeles-based indie psych-rock artist Karaboudjan recently released the second single, the spacey “Let Go,” off his forthcoming debut solo record IMAGO. The track includes vibrant synths as well as distorted guitar strands while a tight groove holds the song down as dreamy vocals flow over it. The artist says, I knew I wanted the lyrics to contrast the light and laid-back dance vibe the music has. I also knew I wanted the song to be about losing my dad, and the vulnerability that it ensues.”

Luna Luna – “Golden” (ft. Pretty Boy Aaron)

Created in 2017 by Colombian-born, Dallas-bred singer-songwriter Kavvi, indie rock band Luna Luna have followed up their 2019 debut EP Carousel with a happy-go-lucky funk-pop song called “Golden,” featuring a cheeky guest verse from artist Pretty Boy Aaron.

Abby Sage – “Smoke Break”

Oscillating between plaintive, turbulent and soulfully rich, Los Angeles-based artist Abby Sage delivers her fourth single in the form of “Smoke Break.” It’s drenched in melancholy over heartbreak but there’s also a sense of being nonchalant that Sage ably drives home.

GRiZ – “Astro Funk”

American DJ, producer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist GRiZ hops on an intergalactic ride and brings along his signature bass music sound with him on his latest single “Astro Funk.” Punctuated by stomping beats, a roaring horn section and a sprinkle of guitars, GRiZ also loads in a couple of seismic drops to keep things high energy.

Small Reactions – “Park Place”

Describing themselves to play “situational pop” songs, and “nerve pop,” Atlanta-based indie rock band Small Reactions evoke a bit of shoegaze sprawl and steady emotive vocals on their latest single “Park Place.” The song is taken from their upcoming third full-length album New Age Soul, releasing later this year via Kentucky-based SofaBurn Records.

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