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Global Artists Spotlight: Johari Noelle, B. Bravo, Lexi Mariah And More

Hear new tunes by musicians from across the world

This week's Global Artists Spotlight features musicians (from left) Johari Noelle, B. Bravo, Lexi Mariah and more. Photos: Jim Art Co. (Noelle); Courtesy of the artists

Kharfi, Talia Stewart, Mattak, and Byron Juane – “Tell Her”

Milan-based DJ and producer Kharfi joins forces for an international collaboration with Nashville-based dark pop artist Talia Stewart, Italian rapper Mattak and North Carolina native artist Byron Juane for a summer track titled “Tell Her.” As Kharfi lays down a dancey beat, Stewart brings her enriched vocals to the table as Mattak spits bars with Juane adds his flavor to the mix creating a tropical R&B vibe.

Soheill – “Red”

U.S.-based producer and singer Soheill delivers an electro-rock offering with his latest single “Red.” Filled with distorted chunky guitars and an airy groove, the artist sings about the innocence of a naïve child void of any skepticism about people or the world.

Cmagic5 – Ready To Run

During the pandemic last year, Canadian artist Cmagic5 used her time to write and record her 10-track debut album Ready To Run. The record – which clocks in at a little over half an hour – entails a mix of pop, rock, R&B and classical music. The common thread holding everything in place however is Cmagic5’s captivating vocals.

Blacklite District – “Be Afraid”

American guitarist-vocalist Kyle Pfeiffer aka Blacklite District recently released an acoustic rock single titled “Be Afraid.” With introspective lyrics, heavy use of acoustic guitar strumming, intricate production elements as well as the artist’s steely vocals, the track is quite the banger.

KTJ & CARLY – “Hidden”

On their recent vulnerable single “Hidden,” American duo KTJ & CARLY explore the dark side of human nature. The track features atmospheric synths and breathless instrumentation as well as sublime harmonies from the pair.

Lexi Mariah – “Playlist”

American pop artist Lexi Mariah’s latest offering is a light-hearted single entitled “Playlist.” While the song features ethereal vocals and emotional lyrics, there’s also a lively electronic vibe during the chorus. In a statement, the singer said, “I have some playlists that I’ve made over the years that are now hard for me to listen to because the songs give me such vivid flashbacks of times I shared with people who are no longer in my life.” She added, “On days where I’m able to bring myself to listen to them, all of the memories, good and bad, come rushing back. I always wonder if those songs make the other person think of me, too.”

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Johari Noelle – “Get Free”

Chicago native R&B artist Johari Noelle’s new R&B track “Get Free” is a dynamic offering that switches up in style and pace as the song progresses. What stands out though is Noelle’s silky singing abilities that bring the track to life. The artist has also released a scenic choreographed dance music video to go with the song.

B. Bravo – “Lifted (What U Waiting 4)”

Los Angeles-based Adam Mori aka B. Bravo will get your feet tapping with his brand-new club-leaning track “Lifted (What U Waiting 4).” The song’s deep house vibe mixed with Bravo’s smooth harmonies as well as funky guitar and bass parts makes the single an absolute head-bopping number.

Velvet Two Stripes – “Fever”

Swiss rock trio Velvet Two Stripes brings forth bluesy riffs and classic rock elements on their smashing new track “Fever.” The track also includes brilliant dynamic changes, crushing drums, incredible vocal synergy and all-round badassery.

RALPH – “Love Potion”

Canadian pop artist RALPH is at her saccharine best on new song “Love Potion.” The track includes bubbly pop production as well as an Eighties dance vibe and even RALPH’s mellifluous vocal runs. The artist even released a vibrant music video to go with the song.

Baker Grace – The Show Is Over

New York singer-songwriter Baker Grace delivers a poignant and raw coming-of-age soundtrack with her new four-track EP The Show Is Over. With the young artist showcasing profound lyricism as well as captivating vocals, in a statement she says, ““I’ve been missing that part of me that I had when I was a little kid, where you just enjoy and appreciate every little moment. I want to put that into my music.”

Jen Rim – “Hanging On”

Korean-American artist Jen Rim, previously part of indie band Run River North in Los Angeles, emerges with a poignant, even-tempered song “Hanging On” for her solo debut. Vulnerable and confessional over pendulous production and guitar lines, Rim says about the song, “The title is exemplary of some days when you’re barely hanging on to the end of the rope, and some days you’re more confident than others. Whatever it looks like, that moment is so crucial to me because it leads you to the next step.”

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Carol Cake – “Real Shit Tho”

American athlete Carol Cake has been known for her track and field achievements at several global stages, including the Olympics, but another side of her is as rapper and singer. Her latest single “Real Shit Tho” is a no holds barred takedown of all things American, with former president Donald Trump to the pandemic to Black Lives Matter being referenced in the hard hitting track.

Wrabel – “nothing but the love”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Stephen Wrabel (who goes by his last name) offers a solid dose of euphoria and wholesomeness on his emphatic new single “nothing but the love.” It’s taken off his debut album these words are all for you, releasing on September 24th via Big Gay/Nettwerk Records. He says about his upcoming album, “This album is filled with love. Hope. True stories and true feelings. I hope me sharing in this way helps even one person feel understood, feel better, feel like they’re not alone, and it offers hope that love will come and bring the healing powers it holds.”

Realma – “Wandering”

Serbian musician Realma aka Ariadna Vrljanović-Zhao roams into jazz-pop territory on her latest single “Wandering,” offered up with an animated music video by animator/3D artist Mihajlo Dragaš. The noir action a la Sin City fits well with the sonics. Realma adds about the song, “Despite writing lyrics of standard sweet nothings, I found this borderline obsessive tone when I revisited the material. It’s as if the words described abusive relationships, a few of which I’d witnessed with those close to me.”

Thomas Bingham – Fractions of a Moment EP

Paris-based French-American composer and producer Thomas Bingham traverses drone, ambient and binaural music that’s perfect for headphone listening on his new EP Fractions of a Moment. Released last month, the five-track record sees Bingham experiment and emerge with a piano-inflected sound that ranges from subtle to cinematic, evoking what the producer calls a “a sense of yearning through different means.” He adds about the technique he used, “Binaural happened to be aesthetically pleasing: it enhances the sense of atmosphere I’m going for, and hopefully will help listeners lose themselves in the audio landscape.”


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